24 best things to do in Krabi - A 2024 guide
24 best things to do in Krabi - A 2024 guide

24 best things to do in Krabi

Things to do in Krabi

An underrated province, sister to Phuket is a province straight from your tropical dream. Hiding unmatched beauties from stalactite caves to lagoons to serene beaches, Krabi is an underrated province that deserves a visit. We have compiled a list of things to do in Krabi to customize your visit to this beautiful province.



How to get to Krabi
         By flights
          By bus
         By boat
          By train
 Things to do in Krabi
           Natural must-see's of Krabi
          Activities to do in Krabi
           Visiting temples           
           Laid-back things to do
           Islands to visit in Krabi
           Best beaches in Krabi
Map of Attractions
How to get around Phuket



How to get to Krabi


✈️ By Airplane

Travel by plane is the best way to Krabi, especially from Bangkok or Chiang Mai. Journey from Bangkok to Krabi takes about 1.30 hour. Krabi airport is located not far from Krabi town and other important beach which is convenient for traveler who want to rent a car or take taxi to the hotel. 

From Bangkok: There are several airlines which operate direct flight between Bangkok to Krabi which depart from both Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airport.

Don Mueang Airport

Thai Lion Air
- Thai Air Asia
- Nok Air
Thai Vietjet Air

Suvarnabhumi Airport

- Thai Airways
- Bangkok Airways
- Thai Smile Airways

🚌 By Bus

From Bangkok: Taking bus is the cheapest way to travel from Bangkok to Krabi. However, the journey will take about 10 hours. The bus will leave from Bangkok Southern Bus Station (Sai Tai Mai) and there 2 operators which you can check detail from the link listed below.

- Lignite Tour
Tel (+66)81-2559710, (+66)81-2559712

- 999 Transport
Tel (+66)2269-6999

From Phuket: There is minibus service between Phuket and Krabi. Take the 3 hours journey on the bus route Phuket-Hat Yai and then getting off at Krabi. It's suitable for backpack traveler who are looking for budget travel from Phuket to Krabi. The ticket is available at Phuket bus terminal 2  or check the timetable from the link listed below.

- Minibus Sritrang Tour
Tel: (+66)86-4768284

- Minibus Wararassami
Tel (+66)88-1694584, (+66)91-1652425

🛳 By Boat

From Phuket : You can travel by boat from Phuket to Krabi. Journey takes about 1-3 hours depending on type of boat. Most of the ferry are leaving from Rassada pier and the other are leaving from the nearby pier such as Chean Vanich pier. However, due to COVID-19 situation, most of the operator have temporary close the service until further notice. You can check the time table and buy boat ticket from the link below. 

 - Speedboat ticket from Phuket to Krabi (connect at Phi Phi Island) 

From Phi Phi Island: Phi Phi island is located in the middle between Phuket and Phi Phi, so traveler can coming from Phuket and stay overnight in Phi Phi island and travel to Krabi on the next day. The boat will leave from Ton Sai pier and the journey takes about 1-2 hours. You can check the time table and buy boat ticket from the link below. 

- Ferry Ticket from Phi Phi island to Krabi
- Speedboat ticket from Phi Phi Island to Krabi

From Koh Tao, Koh Phangan and Koh Samui: All 3 islands are in Gulf of Thailand, which is in the opposite side of Andaman Sea where Krabi is located. Journey from Koh Tao, Koh Phangan or Koh Samui islands to Krabi will takes about 6 hours and you have to take the ferry then change to bus at Surat Thani. The ferry operator has ticket which are include both ferry and bus fare together.

🚆 By Train

From Bangkok: Krabi doesn't have railway passing through. If you want to travel by train, you have to take the southern line train and get off at Surat Thani station then buy the bus or van ticket to Krabi. Traveling from Surat Thani to Krabi will takes about 2.30 hours.



Best things to do in Krabi


Natural must-see's of Krabi 


1. Emerald Pool

This natural lagoon does make you stop and wonder how this is possible. Nestled in a mystical jungle is the Emerald Pool located 1 hour drive from Krabi town. Those looking for a half-day excursion can rent a scooter and easily drive to the Emerald Lagoon. 

Upon arrival, there will be a 1km path leading through the jungle. You will see ponds of various colors and hues and rainforests giving you shades as you explore. Visitors are welcome to take a dip and freshen up. Going further for 400 meters, you will find the ‘Blue Lagoon’, standing bright blue amidst the forest as if you’re in a scene of Harry Potter.



2. Visit Khlong Thom Hot Spring

On the same way to the Emerald pool, is the Khlong Thom Hot Spring, or a waterfall with a water temperature of 40-50 degrees Celsius. Visitors to Krabi should head to this 3 tier waterfall to relax in the natural atmosphere and take some cool photos with the layered pattern of the waterfall.

 Things to do in KrabiThings to do in Krabi



Since the Emerald Lagoon and Hot Spring are on the same way, consider a day tour taking you to the
Emerald Pool + Hot Spring + Tiger Cave Temple at a respectable price.

Book a
day tour of the three Krabi highlights by air-conditioned van.


3. Explore the cave at Khao Khanab Nam

If you stay in Krabi town and have a few hours to spare, consider checking out the stalactite cave opposite Krabi pier. It is only accessible by a short boat ride and costs around 200-300 THB. The boat ride is a very scenic and enjoyable experience if you want to escape the crowd. 

Visitors can climb the stairways into the cave and see banners about archeological facts and stories. Overall this activity requires minimal to moderate physical health.

Things to do in KrabiThings to do in Krabi  


4. Hike the Dragon Crest trail

The Dragon Crest Mountain is located in the Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park and is 18 km from Ao Nang Beach. To navigate to the entrance, see the Google maps below.

The best way to get there is to rent a motorcycle for the day and take in the scenery along the way, but if you’re not comfortable driving, taxis are available and charge around 900 baht.

The hike is 3.7km up and around 8km up and down making it a hike of medium difficulty. The top is a viewpoint that gives you great views of Krabi, its bay, and the islands around it.


5. Visit the best viewpoints in Krabi

Another activity you can do is climbing various viewpoints in Krabi to watch a breathtaking unfold of natural spectacle. Since they are not exactly convenient to get to, viewpoints are a good way to escape the crowds. Depending on where you are, there are multiple viewpoints you can hike to that require some to no effort hiking. Some of the prominent ones are:

  • Din Daeng Doi

20 minutes away from Ao Nang is Din Daeng Doi, a viewpoint amidst the forest overlooking beautiful mountain peaks standing against the sunny sky like cake layers. Visitors to DIn Daeng Doi often visit here at sunrise or sunset for the beautiful scene.



  • Railay viewpoint

Located on Railay Beach, it is a viewpoint that is popular among fitted travelers to Railay Beach. The viewpoint consists of two parts. The first part is quite easy and gives you a great view. The second part of the trail is harder, and I mean HARDER. The hike up is almost a vertical climb against the wall with ropes and requires a lot of effort and attention. 

If you decide to climb the second part, you can also go a bit further and visit the Phra Nang Lagoon which is an astonishing sight.

Things to do in KrabiThings to do in Krabi


6. Visit an ethical elephant sanctuary

One thing people from all over the world travel to Thailand to see is Thai Elephants. There has been a growing interest in the elephant rescue movements in Thailand and you can see these innocent creatures now being taken care of by sanctuaries in Krabi. It is important to choose an elephant sanctuary in Krabi that is truly ethical. An Elephant sanctuary we recommend visiting is the Ao Nang Elephant Sanctuary Krabi. 

The elephant sanctuary offers roundtrip transfers between the sanctuary and accommodation. 

Book a half day with elephants at Ao Nang Elephant Sanctuary Krabi.

Things to do in Krabi


7. Hike Khao Phanom Bencha National Park

The Phnom Bencha National Park stretches over the 50-kilometer square and is popular for its caves, trails, and two waterfalls. It is only 28 km away from Krabi city and is a relaxing way to take in the fauna and flora of Thai nature. The Huai Sakhe Falls is a 3 tiered waterfall located in the national park. Taking a refreshing dip in the waterfall is very rewarding after the hike.

Things to do in KrabiThings to do in Krabi

Activities to do in Krabi 

8. Kayaking

For thrill-seekers, or those who are looking for sporty activities to do in Krabi, kayaking is hard to miss especially with Krabi’s astonishing stretch of water reaching in all directions like tree branches. The most popular place to kayak are Ban Bor Thor and Ao Thalane, a bay where salt water meets fresh water making way for a mangrove forest housing rich wildlife and the perfect place to kayak and explore the beautiful Krabi nature.

Book your Kayak adventure at Ban Bor Thor.



9. Ride ATV

Another way to take in the scenes of Krabi is to ride an ATV through the tropical forest, rubber plantations, and palm trees passing by tall green mountains. Embark on this exhilarating experience in the countryside of Krabi with your family and friends through ATV riding in Krabi. 

Luckily you can do kayaking and riding ATV in one day in Krabi. We recommend booking the Kayak + ATV riding at Ao Thalane here.

Things to do in Krabi


10. Ziplining at Krabi Ecological Park

Glide over the canopy of trees in a thrilling adventure at Krabi Ecological Park. This activity is not for the weak, test your adrenaline and get a chance to take in Krabi’s forest in an exhilarating experience.

Zipline at Krabi


11. Rock Climbing

For those looking to push themselves out of their comfort zone and learn something new, we cannot recommend rock climbing enough. The best place to rock climb is at Railay Beach with its limestone karst rock that offers the perfect foundation for both beginners and professionals.

Book your half-day rock climbing course on Railay Beach now.

Things to do in Krabi


12. Scuba diving

Since it’s not Koh Tao, not many think of scuba diving and snorkeling when visiting Krabi. But surprisingly, Krabi makes for a great spot for some beautiful and rare marine life. The best time to dive and snorkel in Krabi is between May and November when there is high underwater visibility and the water is calm.

Many scuba diving and snorkeling schools in Ao Nang take you to popular dive spots on the neighboring islands and to Shark Point, a resident of the leopard shark occasionally spotted. Sea Gypsy Divers covered everything you need to know about diving in Krabi that you should read!

Things to do in Krabi


Temples in Krabi 

13. Tiger Cave temple

Tiger Cave Temple or Wat Tham Sua Temple is most visited by people for its fantastic viewpoint that follows a steep 1000 steps ascent. This can be a tiring activity but you get some great views on the way like a beautiful valley. We recommend visiting the Tiger Cave Temple in the early morning or the late afternoon when the sun is not too hot.


14. Wat Kaew Korawaram

This next temple is conveniently located in Krabi city, so if you’ve got some time to spare, give this place a visit. Wat Kaew Korawaram features a sizable courtyard as well as white temple buildings that house a massive golden statue of the Buddha that is exquisitely decorated. It is recommended that visitors to the shrine dress conservatively. In summary, if one is in the region, the temple is undoubtedly worth a visit even though it may not be a "must-see" location.

Things to do in KrabiThings to do in Krabi


Laid-back activities

15. Explore Krabi Town

This town is known for its authentic flair laid back energy perfect for those looking for a getaway. There are restaurants, bars, and accommodations that are much cheaper than the ones on the beach. There is a river flowing through the city offering an unbeatable view of the mangrove forest leading to the Khao Khanab Nam cave. Besides that, there are plenty of other places to explore in the area such as the night market, Wat Kaew Korawaram, and other wonders.

Things to do in KrabiThings to do in Krabi 


16. Yoga

Krabi attracts quite a lot of mindful practitioners who are dedicated to wellness therefore making this province a very spiritual place for many. Visitors to Krabi who have a lot of time to spare and want to engage in something relaxing and stretch out those muscles, we recommend giving yoga in Krabi a try.

You’ve got many options like doing yoga on the beach or even in the serene forest. Where else can you find this? Samadeeyoga offers yoga classes daily in Krabi and students can have the option to do yoga at sunrise on the beach.

Yoga lovers can also check out Tree D Yoga which offers a wide range of classes you can partake in such as yoga and sound baths that offer the perfect getaway from a stressful life.

 Things to do in Krabi


17. Cooking class

A great way to meet other people and learn about a place you’re visiting is no other than to take a cooking class. No matter where you are staying in Krabi, you’re likely to find a cooking class close to your accommodation.

Ya’s Cookery School offers private and joined cooking classes in Krabi in a beautiful atmosphere where you can also request the ingredients to be changed to your preference.

Things to do in Krabi 


18. Bars

Some of the best bars in Krabi are the ones by the beach cause nothing beats a nice glass of drink watching the sunset against the waves. If you are in Ao Nang, bars are brimming the coast like mushrooms.

In Ao Nang

  • Reeve Beach Club

Reeve Beach Club Ao Nang is a favorite with fantastic views and delicious food offering a romantic dinner date. 

 Best bar in Krabi

Photo credit Reeve Beach Club


  •  Strawberry Moon Beach Bar

The Strawberry Moon Beach Bar is another wonderful bar on Ao Nang Beach with friendly staff and great drinks. We highly recommend arriving in time for the sunset as it gets very scenic.

Krabi attractions and things to do

Picture thanks to Strawberry Moon Beach Bar


  • Ao Nang pub crawl

Why go to one bar when you can go to 4? The Ao Nang Pub Crawl is a (in)famous activity here for those who have a high alcohol tolerance and need a memorable night. Happening every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, this event is the perfect way to get to know other travelers in Krabi, dance till you can't feel your feet, and wake up with a lot of good memories.

Krabi attractions and things to do

Picture thanks to Ao Nang Pub Crawl



  • Tew Lay Bar

A nice and laid-back bar you should visit on Railay Beach is the Tew Lay Bar. It overlooks the Railay Bay with delicious food and drinks and spending your afternoon here with a nice book and a bean bag is a perfect way to take in the Railay view in the beautiful sunset.

Krabi attractions and things to do

Picture thanks to Tew Lay Bar


  • Why Not Bar

A bar on Railay that has a great atmosphere, friendly hosts, and nice cheap drinks is Why Not Bar. Head down for a drink, mingle with other travelers, play a game of Jenga, or sing a song cause why not? The hosts are nice folks who are so sweet and welcoming.

Krabi attractions and things to do


Picture thanks to Why Not Bar

19. Massage and spa

Depending on the hotel you stay at the moment, there should be a massage and spa available as part of the hotel. However if not, do not worry just head out to the street and you will find a massage parlor, they are as common as 7/11, maybe even more. There are a variety of massage and spa in Krabi, we recommend reading this article on the best massage places in Krabi.

Best things to do in Krabi 


Islands hopping

Krabi is home to some of the most astonishing islands in Thailand, with its unique limestone structure and beautiful coral reefs that are honestly slept on. The islands around Phuket that visitors should visit to escape the crowd on the mainland.

  • Bamboo island
  • Chicken island
  • Koh Hong
  • Koh Jum
  • Koh Lanta
  • Koh Pak Bia
  • Koh Poda
  • Phi phi islands

The easiest way to reach these islands is to join organized tours. We recommend booking these tours in advance online as you are guaranteed a good time with a highly professional crew and tour guide.


20. Krabi 4 Islands tour

This is a popular tour of snorkeling and sightseeing on 4 islands including a visit to Railay Beach. The 4 islands are Tup Island, Chicken Island, Si Island, and Poda Island. Tours include equipment and lunch and finish at 14:00 hrs., leaving you plenty of time to explore other things in Krabi.

Book your Krabi 4 Islands tour here! Your tropical adventure awaits.

Things to do in KrabiThings to do in Krabi


21. Krabi 7 Islands tour

This next tour guarantees picture-perfect memories. The tour departs at noon taking you to 7 islands around Krabi with snorkeling activities, exploring, and visiting the Thap Island or Mo Island. What is even more special about this tour is it ends with a beautiful sunset and BBQ dinner on the beach. It is the full package for anyone visiting Krabi.

Book your Krabi 7 Islands tour in advance.

Things to do in KrabiThings to do in Krabi


22. Visit Koh Hong and Hong Lagoon

Koh Hong and Hong Lagoon are the Phi Phi Islands of Krabi. Beautiful cave and hidden beach that reveals itself at low tide, making this place a hit amongst people looking for something out of the ordinary.

Book a day trip to Hong Island by speedboat.


23. Visit James Bond Island

James Bond Island or Khao Phing Kan to the locals, is located in Phang Nga Bay not too far away from the Krabi coast. Famously featured in the 1974 James Bond movie, the island has been attracting visitors to the captivating stone protruding from the water. 

Due to the short distance, visitors to Krabi can easily go on a day trip to explore James Bond Island and other islands nearby such as the fisherman market of Koh Punyee, Monkey Cave, and Koh Talu.

Book your day tour to James Bond Island by longtail boat now.

things to do in KrabiKrabi best things to do


24. Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi island should be on everybody’s list. It’s a dream destination with a blue-green lagoon and white sandy beaches, fantastic viewpoints, and great nightlife. This is where some of the viral pictures of Thailand come from including the Pileh Lagoon and the famous Maya Bay

Similarly, you can find many tour operators offering day tours to Phi Phi Island from Krabi. Or if you want to ditch the crowd, chartering your private longtail boat is also another good way to explore the Phi Phi Islands and have control over your itinerary. Read more on how to travel to Phi Phi Island from Krabi.


Best beaches in Krabi

Ao Nang beach

The easiest to reach is Ao Nang Beach where many hotels restaurants and bars are. This is the widest stretch of beach in Krabi so it attracts many people but is great for relaxation. We recommend heading to Monkey Trail east of Ao Nang Beach and walking down the trail a bit to get to Pai Plong Beach which is more secluded and has a fantastic view of the limestone wall.

What to do in krabi


Railay beach

Railay Beach is only accessible by boat but it is a must-visit. Tucked away between limestone walls and palm trees, it is paradise on earth. There are reggae bars behind the beach, and rock climbing, and hiking to see the beautiful viewpoint and hidden lagoon.



Phra Nang Beach

Take a 1.2-kilometer walk from Railay Beach and you will reach Phra Nang Beach Surrounded by emerald turquoise waters and impressive limestone cliffs, the beach is famous for its soft white sand and picturesque scenery, including the nearby small islands Koh Rang Nok and Koh Nang​.

This journey takes you through beautiful natural landscapes, including a path shaded by stalactite features​​.

One of the beach's most iconic attractions is the Princess Cave (Tham Phra Nang Nok), known for its shrine filled with wooden phallic symbols, believed by local fishermen to be a sacred site offering protection and fertility. 

For those looking to dine in a unique setting, the Rayavadee Resort's Cave Restaurant offers an unforgettable experience with tables set inside a natural limestone cave overlooking the beach, serving a mix of Thai and international cuisine. However, reservations are necessary if you're not staying at the resort


Tonsai beach

Compared to the two other beaches, Railay and Ao Nang, Tonsai is less crowded and offers a little peace and quiet for those who would like to escape the crowd. You can reach Tonsai Beach in two ways depending on the tide level. 

At low tide, you can hike from Railay Beach to Tonsai Beach through the forest for 15 minutes from Railay West. Visitors can also take a joined longtail boat from Ao Nang for 100-150 THB.

best beaches in Krabi


Tubkaek Beach

This one is right next to Dragon Crest Mountain and is celebrated for its serene atmosphere, offering an idyllic and tranquil beach experience away from the more touristy areas like Ao Nang and Railay Beach. This beach is characterized by its almost empty stretches of sand, devoid of the longtail boats commonly found elsewhere, presenting a perfect setting for those seeking a quiet and relaxing getaway. 

There are several luxury resorts, such as the Amari Vogue Resort, The Ritz Carlton Phulay Bay, and Banyan Tree Tubkaek, some of which were featured in the film "Hangover 2."

 Krabi things to do



Map of attractions




How to get around Krabi

What to do in Krabi 



This mode of transportation is for people with experience driving a moped only. Although it is very convenient to rent a motorcycle and explore Krabi, bear in mind that driving without experience can be dangerous and accident rates are quite high. 

However, if you know how to work one, scooter rental shops dot Ao Nang Beach and Krabi town and cost 200 to 250 baht per day to rent one.



A local transport is a make-shift pickup truck called Songthaews that operates on a fixed route. There are writings on the vehicle that tell you where the car is gonna drive past. Getting a ride is easy, you wave at it, hop on, make sure you have enough change, and press the buzzer to stop. The fare usually costs 10-20 baht per ride.



Another way to commute around Krabi is to hail a tuk-tuk. These open-air vehicles can take you far and short distances. You can also charter the tuk-tuk for the day by asking for the driver's contact detail or Line message when you need a ride.



Grab is a ride-hailing application that is available in Krabi. It is convenient and time effective. However, it is important to know that there are not as many cars as in Bangkok and the further away you are from town 


We hope this list of things to do in Krabi helps you put together an itinerary for the best time in Krabi. From outdoor activities, to natural beauties, and stunning beaches, Krabi is a gem of the South that we think deserves everybody's visit.


Last Update: February 2024

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