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5 Must Visited Islands near Bangkok - Ticket2Attraction

5 Must Visited Islands Near Bangkok

Do you ever dream of taking a quick escape to some islands near Bangkok from your 9-to-6? Weekends are short but if you know the right place, it’s enough to forget the buzzing metropolitan. In this article, you will find white beaches and crystal-clear water on 5  islands near Bangkok such as Koh Kham, Koh Larn, Koh Kood, Koh Munnork, and Koh Talu.

1. Koh Kham

The first on the list of beautiful islands near Bangkok is Koh Kham (Chonburi). Koh Kham is an island near Pattaya located in the Sattahip district, Chonburi province. Koh Kham is known for its fine white sands scattered with large and small rocks along with blue-green water and lush greenery. It is an island of breathtaking sceneries serving many beautiful photo opportunities. One appealing activity in Koh Kham is snorkeling. Due to the island’s conservative practices, it is abundant in nature, especially coral reefs. Visitors can snorkel or row a glass-bottom kayak to see the healthy coral reefs around Koh Kham.


Islands near Bangkok Koh Kham

The two highlights of Koh Kham are the wooden bridge for photo-taking and the various living creatures under the dazzling ocean water.


How to get to Koh Kham

From Bangkok, take a minibus from the Ekkamai bus terminal to Koh Kood pier and take a ferry to Koh Kood which takes 1 hour. Afterward, take another 50 minutes ferry from Koh Kood to Koh Kham.

The island is located in the Sattahip district of Chonburi and is open to visitors daily.

2. Koh Larn 

When it comes to islands on the Eastern Seaboard, you cannot skip Koh Larn or commonly known to foreigners as Coral Island. Commonly known as an island near Pattaya, visitors can expect picturesque landscapes ranging from green luscious trees to smooth white sand engulfed by sparkling clear seawater.


Koh Larn offers a range of activities for everyone. Enjoy a relaxing getaway at the Giant Buddha viewpoint, Tawaen Beach, windmill viewpoint, Nual Beach, Sangwan Beach, and many other sites that are worth visiting. Besides visiting for relaxation, visitors can take part in activities such as the Sup Board which is fun and exciting.

Islands near Bangkok Koh Larn

Another activity to do is paddling a clear kayak on the surface of cooling seawater surrounded by a relaxing atmosphere. Plus, if you are a content creator, you’ll definitely go home with very chic and cute selfies. Other popular activities include snorkeling to see the various lives underwater, and squid fishing at night.

How to get to Koh Larn

Travelers from Bangkok can take a minibus from Mor Chit or Ekkamai to Pattaya Bali Hai pier. The ferry from Bali Hai Pier to Koh Larn costs 30 baht/per person and the journey takes around 30-40 minutes. For those not looking to plan and spend long times on ferries, we recommend the full-day Koh Larn Pattaya Tour by Speedboat full of already-included activities and a tour guide.


 Islands near Bangkok Koh Larn

Koh Larn or Coral Island is located in Bang Lamung district, Chonburi province.

3. Koh Kood

Despite being further away from Bangkok, Koh Kood is a worthy island to visit. Located in Trat province, Koh Kood is full of gorgeous wonders that bring visitors back again and again such as Bang Bao Beach, Ao Noi Bay, Klong Chao Bay, Huang Nam Khiao Waterfall, and many other natural sites. 

Koh Kood is considered to be an island of blue-emerald water, white sandy beaches, and coconut trees welcoming tourists as they approach. Various styles of hotels, and resorts can be found on the island ready to accommodate you on this quiet and relaxing island. Passionate divers can expect many diving spots full of beautiful corals and schools of fish in teasing colors.

Islands near Bangkok Koh Kood

The highlight of Koh Kood is credited to the beauty and elegance of the surrounding environment that can knock the Andaman Islands out of their ranking. Picturesque sceneries are most fitting for relaxation and recharge.  

How to get to Koh Kood

  1. Traveling by private car will be followed by a ferry service from Laem Sok to Koh Kood will save you al ot of time. You can reserve ferry tickets for Laem Sok to Koh Kood.

Islands near Bangkok Trat to Koh Kood Promotion

  1. For those interested in public transport, this package of Bus & Ferry From Bangkok to Koh Kood will save you a lot of money.


 Islands near Bangkok bus and ferry from Bangkok to Koh Kood

Koh Kood is located in Koh Kood district, Trat province 

4. Koh Munnork


Another landmark of the Eastern Seaboard with water as beautiful as other A-list tropical destinations has to be Rayong City, a province where our star island is located at. Koh Munnork is a private island recommended for those who want to escape civilization. This island promises you tranquility and utmost relaxation as the ocean waves soothe your mind. Surrounded by beautiful scenery; lush green trees, abundant soft white sand, and the cerulean blue sea.

Islands near Bangkok Koh Munnork

Upon the island is the Koh Munnork Private Island by Epikurean Hotels & Lifetsyle, a stylized hotel giving a feel of Bali and a calming aroma. Being close to the beach, a few steps and you’ll be sunbathing and playing by the ocean water with activities you’ll never get bored of such as snorkeling, fishing, and cafes and restaurants you can enjoy while basking in the sunset’s colorful display. 

How to get to Koh Munnork

To get to Koh Munnork, visitors can board a boat at Laem Tarn Pier. After, you will be asked to switch to a smaller boat to preserve the corals around the island which will take you the rest of the way.


Islands near Bangkok Koh Munnork

Koh Munnork is located in the Klaeng district, Rayong province, and is open to visitors every day.

5. Koh Talu

We saved the best for last. Koh Talu, located in Rayong, is one of the many islands near Bangkok that deserves your visit at least once. This breathtaking island is situated in Khao Laem Ya–Mu Ko Samet National Park. Despite its rather small size, its beauty is not to overlook.


On the island are rocky cliffs and lush green trees providing shade all over the island. White sand beach parallel to the super clear sea water that gets progressively more cerulean as it gets deeper. On the other side of the island is the snorkeling site that takes everyone to see the schools of fish and colorful coral reefs. This trip is more fitting for visitors looking for 1-day trips since there is no accommodation on the island. 


Islands near Bangkok Koh Talu

And of course, the highlight of the island is where the island got its name from. The sea cave situated on the beach is an unseen natural phenomenon that is truly astonishing Diving is another activity that highlights Koh Talu. 

Ticket2Attraction would like to recommend the Rayong Snorkeling Day trip to 6 islands by speedboat at only 600 bahts.

Islands near Bangkok Rayong Snorkeling Day Trip

How to get to Koh Talu

The path to Koh Talu can be followed in multiple ways. One way is getting a boat charter from Baan Pe pier from Koh Samed. Koh Talu is situated in Klaeng District, Rayong Province, and is open to visitors every day.

There you have it, 5 islands to add to your island-hopping list, full of wonders, breathtaking views, and crystal clear water all on the islands near Bangkok most fitting for on-the-weekend getaways. We hope you found this article useful in helping you pick your relaxing escape to rewind and have a healing weekend.


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