Top 20 Coral Island Pattaya Activities to do (Koh Larn)
Top 20 Coral Island Pattaya Activities to do (Koh Larn)

Top 20 Coral Island Pattaya Activities to do (Koh Larn)

Koh Larn is known to the local Thais as an island of crystal water just a few hours' drive away from Bangkok. With unbelievably turquoise water and white sandy beaches, this small island in front of Pattaya is the perfect weekend getaway. Westerners might know Koh Larn as Pattaya Coral Island. Whichever name you use, we have compiled a list of Koh Larn Coral Island Pattaya activities for you to tackle your weekend with a good time. Read on to find out!

How to get to Koh Larn (Pattaya Coral Island)

To get to Koh Larn from Bangkok, visitors are recommended to take a mini bus from Ekkamai bus terminal directly to Bali Hai pier. The earliest bus that leaves for Bali Hai pier is at 06:00 and the latest is 20:00. There are buses to Bali Hai pier every hour so you need not be afraid to not catch any. The ride usually takes 1h 30 mins depending on the traffic. 

Arriving at Bali Hai pier, you can take a ferry or speedboat to Koh Larn at a very low price. The ferry ride takes about 45 mins. Visitors can also book private speedboats to and from Koh Larn through the Full Day Koh Larn (Coral Island) Pattaya Tour by speedboat.

How to get around Koh Larn

Upon reaching Koh Larn, there are 3 modes of transportation to get around which are:

  • Pickup truck (Songthaew) is a cheap way to get around the island. You pay for about 50 baht for the truck to take you on a one time ride to the various attractions on its route. You can find the truck 100 meters away from the pier at a T cross, in front of a pagoda.
  • Samlor (motorbike with a side-carriage) is like a makeshift taxi that can take multiple people to your desired destination.
  • Motorbike taxis are intimidating, but they are driven by very experienced locals. If you don’t have much baggage, the motorbike taxi is a good option.
  • Renting a motorcycle on Koh Larn for a day usually costs a minimum of 300 baht. This is good for people who want to explore the island on their own terms. 

It’s important to remember that the hills of Koh Larn are quite steep and slippery, driving should be done by people who are familiar with driving a motorbike.

Coral Island Pattaya Activities to do 

What better way to enjoy the sun and the beach than to get active. If you are not the type to sit still, we got you covered with a list of things to do on Koh Larn, Coral Island.

1. Goose feeding

A very underrated activity to do on Koh Larn is goose feeding. Right on the beach, you can swim with fluffy white geese and feed them treats. You can find the goose feeding activity with tours on Koh Larn such as the Coral Island Tour with activities


Goose feeding Coral island activities

2. Seawalking

A newly introduced activity that has been getting a lot of attention lately is seawalking. It is an underwater activity that allows divers to walk on the seafloor and look at sealives by wearing an oxygen helmet. Koh Larn’s diverse underwater lives make this trip a truly exciting experience.


3. Koh Larn parasailing

Are you a daredevil who can’t stay grounded? Well, you will love paragliding on Koh Larn. This activity is guaranteed to give you a thrilling panoramic view of Koh Larn, the turquoise sea water and never ending horizon. If you don’t have a faint heart, this activity is highly recommended to try at least once in your life.


4. Banana Boat ride

Another thrilling activity to do on Koh Larn is riding a banana boat. The banana boat ride is when you hang on to a banana-shaped inflated boat that is being towed by a speedboat. At the end of the ride, the speedboat will make a turn that will drop you in the mid deep water. 


5. Sup board

SUP board or Stand Up Paddleboarding is a popular sport to do on Koh Larn. Being relatively slow and chill, this is fitting for people who enjoy a relaxing float on the sparkling sea water or paddle to the surrounding area of the island that is not accessible by foot.


6. Jet skiing

Another on-water activity is jet skiing. Steering one of these turbo rockets will have you cruising and skipping on the water like rocks, making this activity a very high adrenaline driven activity.


7. Snorkeling

One highlight of Koh Larn is seeing the coral and colorful fishes under the sea. Snorkeling is a must do once on Koh Larn. Drift on the cooling water under the sunny sky and see various sea life at this island off of Pattaya city.


8. Clear kayaking

Last activity you should do is getting a clear kayak. You can paddle your clear kayak to explore the surrounding area while allowing you to peer down the blue clear water. This activity is instagram perfect, with drones, you can get stunning shots or vlog footages for your social media


Koh Larn (Coral Island) Pattaya Activities Tour 

If you are visiting Koh Larn and are looking for a one-stop package to your holiday full of activities, speedboat and ferry ride, and meals, then the tour packages below will save you a lot of money and time in planning.

Full Day Koh Larn (Coral Island) Pattaya Tour by speedboat (Not including activities)

  • Private speedboat to and from Koh Larn 
  • Beach chair
  • Lunch set menu

Coral Island (Koh Larn) Island Tour With Beach Activities From Pattaya 

  • Round trip transfer from hotel in Pattaya
  • Speedboat ride to and from Koh Larn
  • Beach activities like geese feeding, SUP board, clear kayak, parasailing, banana boat, water slide, jet ski, snorkeling
  • Lunch set
  • Drone photos and videos

Coral island (Koh Larn) Day Tour with Pick up/Drop off Service

  • Round trip transfer from hotel in Pattaya
  • Speedboat ride to and from Koh Larn
  • Beach activities like parasailing, sea walking, banana boat, jetski, beach slider, and snorkeling
  • Lunch set

Sightseeing from viewpoints on Koh Larn

What better way to tour Koh Larn than to have a 360 degrees view from a high point. These two viewpoints of Koh Larn are very popular due to their scenic view of this small charming island.

9. Windmill viewpoint

Like the name suggests, there are windmills surrounding the road leading up to the viewpoint giving a very unique view on top. Often credited for its beautiful sunset view, the Windmill viewpoint is a must-visit. However, it is mindful when climbing up to the viewpoint, although it is cemented, it is one of the steepest paths on Koh Larn and requires a lot of caution when driving up  there.


10. Tawaen beach viewpoint

Tawean beach viewpoint might be the highest viewpoint on Koh Larn giving visitors a 360 view of the island, the bluest water and Pattaya cityline in the distance. You will also see the Big Buddha statue of the island as well.


Beaches worth-visiting

Despite its relatively petite size, Koh Larn is home to many beautiful beaches, 7 to be exact. Some of these beaches are harder to reach than the others but the views are guaranteed something out of a traveling magazine, and only an hour away from Bangkok.

11. Tawaen beach

First on the list is Tawaen beach, considered the most beautiful beach on Koh Larn. With its white soft sand and emerald green water, it is adorned by travelers all over the world, making this place overflowing with visitors during the weekend. There are sun beds lining the beach from east to west, and souvenir shops to take home beautiful handmade gifts.

12. Ta Yai beach

Located on the northern end of Koh Larn, Ta Yai beach is another cult favorite. About 1.5 kim away from the pier, Ta Yai beach is known for having the whitest sand on Koh Larn and being close to two beautiful cafes such as the Matata Bay Cafe and Indigo Cafe as well as being right in front of the Coral Beach Resort. Visitors can relax on the sunbathing bed, or snorkel in the cooling blue water.

13. Nual beach (Monkey beach)

Called Nual Beach by the locals and Monkey beach by tourists, this beautiful corner of the island is credited for the rocky hillside enveloping  the side making this area look like a small bay. Like the name suggests, Nual beach is home to a group of monkeys that make the hills their home. There are huts that sell cool coconut water and sunbeds for you to relax and enjoy this serene heaven on earth.

14. Tien beach

Tien beach is connected to Samae beach by a long cement bridge. Tien beach offers what the other beaches do, clean beaches and the bluest water you’ll ever see. On top of that, the beach is inhabited by adorable geese that make Tien beach their own little paradise.

15. Sang Wan 

Sang Wan beach can be reached through Ta Waen beach on an iconic wooden bridge and has all the beach accommodations you will find on any other beaches. There are plenty of shops and restaurants to quench your thirst and hunger. 

16. Samae beach

Another beach on Koh Larn that is often frequented by visitors is Samae beach. The beach is slightly rockier than other beaches, but most people visit this beach for the picturesque environment and nice cool breeze on a good day. There are also various food and drink stalls if you plan on having a meal or a nice cold drink

17. Tong Lang beach

Tong Lang beach has a more narrow stretch of sand compared to its fellow beaches of Koh Larn. However, its beauty remains. Visitors can participate in various activities like jetski, bana boat, and sailing.

Cafe hopping on Koh Larn

Thailand’s heat can be a bit hot during the summer, nothing beats cool AC and a nice cup of tea or coffee. Beloved by the locals, cafe hopping Koh Larn is a very fun activity. You’ll get the excitement of exploring new places, and the instagram-worthy pictures at these aesthetically pleasing cafes designed to give you a sense of relaxation.

18. Sea space

This cafe is located on the way to Nual beach and is directly on the beach and can be spotted by its iconic purple fence. Sea Space offers a cafe & desserts, a restaurant, and a beach bar that literally meets all your needs. People who love a slow day can find themselves enjoying their order while looking out at the sea at this cafe.


19. Fat submarine cafe

Another cafe by the water is Fat Submarine Cafe located near Koh Larn Market. This two-storied cafe has seating areas both inside and outside. Visiting with loved ones, you can sit on the bean bags listening to waves crashing against the shores.


20. Plursukjai cafe & bed

This next picturesque location is a hostel with a cafe on the ground floor. It has a rustic wooden feel and has a great common area that is perfect if you choose to stay here for the night.




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