About Us Ticket2Attraction Thailand
About Us Ticket2Attraction Thailand

About Ticket2Attraction

Your go-to Thailand travel companion.

At Ticket2Attraction, we're more than a traveling agency. We are your go-to travel companion, bridging the gap between local charms and global wanderlust.

From exhilarating waterparks and dazzling cabaret shows to serene islands, enriching day trips, and tranquil sanctuaries, our diverse offerings capture the essence of Thailand’s adventure. 

Since 2008, we have committed to customer satisfaction. Our team highly values service excellence, and ensuring help and assistance are as easy as reaching out to a friend. 


🤝 Who we are

Ticket2Attraction stands proudly as a rapidly expanding Thai company. Rooted in Thai hospitality and global outreach, we have been dedicated to enriching your travel experiences for over a decade.

Our mission is to make traveling easy, secure, and affordable for everyone. We hope to reshape the face of Thailand’s tourism by constantly developing our services with cutting-edge technologies.

 Travel to Thailand's attractions

🎟️ Our Services

Dive into our extensive array of travel services:

  • Tickets Galore:  Access to attractions, parks, and thrilling experiences via buses, speedboats, ferries, and yachts.
  • Exclusive Charters:  Personalize your journey with private vans, luxury cruises, and yacht charters across Thailand's stunning landscapes.
  • Thailand Tours:  Embark on organized tours nationwide, crafted to unveil Thailand’s gems.


We value


Customer-first mindset 

Ticket2Attraction is a traveling agency

      Our customer-focused commitment is reflected in our customer service and technology integration to assist our customers.


Ease and security

Thailand's traveling agency

      Using the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology, your payment information and passwords are scrambled to protect against malicious intents.


Best deal

Is ticket2attraction trustworthy?

       Our partnership with Thailand’s major attractions allows us to carefully select the best and most unique experiences,   providing our valued customers with exclusive deals and promotions.   



🌟 How we got here


2008 - Square One

We started as a traditional but professional tour operator in Thailand, opening the door of Thailand's natural beauty to the world.


2018 - Scaling up and integration

As the need for independent exploration grows, we integrated our first online booking system to serve the travelers of the new age. At the same time, we noticed how reaching out to customer support can often feel like navigating a maze. 

We recognized the need for seamless communication between travel agencies and explorers. We believe that getting help should be as easy and immediate as messaging a friend prompting us to make help and support our number one priority.


2020 - Overcoming the pandemic

COVID has been a huge milestone for us, forcing us to change fast by ensuring a safe and authentic travel experience for our locals, making us the local’s first choice when traveling to attractions around Thailand.


2023 - Upward and onward 🚀

With a constantly expanding and evolving team, our talents work towards one goal and that is to make Ticket2Attraction an emerging and advanced travel booking company for Thailand and the world.

Thailand's best traveling agency

 At Ticket2Attraction we value teamwork, empowerment, and growth-mindedness, all of which help us stay on top of our game and provide the best services to our travelers.


Our Customers



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