Discounted price for Khantoke Dinner with Northern Thai cultural show in Chiang Mai
Discounted price for Khantoke Dinner with Northern Thai cultural show in Chiang Mai

Khantoke Dinner + Show in Chiang Mai


If you ask any Thai person, if he or she know Chiang Mai. I guess nobody says no! And I believe that most of them will say that they have been and really had a really good time there. Chiang Mai is said to be the second biggest city of Thailand. No need to tell which city it follows. Many people said Chiang Mai is becoming more and more like Bangkok. Some say it is getting busier and more crowded. Is Chiang Mai losing its charm?  Despite the invasion of modernity into the city, it has still been doing really well in term of attracting more Thai and international tourists. Why? Referring to my geography and history knowledge which I learned from high school.  I have three assumptions. No 1., geographically speaking, Chiang Mai is not small. In fact, it is a lot bigger than Bangkok. Its municipal areas can be a bit hectic. But to avoid the hustle and bustle, just take a ride for about ten minutes out of the down town, you will get fresh air and see green mountainous scenery.  No. 2., as the capital city of the old Lanna kingdom, Chiang Mai has a long unique history and culture which we can see from temples, arts and crafts in almost every attraction you visit. No.3, as the Chiang Mai people are very proud of their city, they are trying to revive their history and conserve their culture in various ways. For example, people wear Lanna costumes and proudly speak Lanna dialect. You can feel that the Lanna culture is all around you.

            Chiang Mai people are also proud of their Lanna food which is not only delicious but also uniquely presented.  If you come to Chaing Mai, you must try Lanna food in a sophisticated Lanna style at Khantoke restaurants.   There are a number of Khantoke restaurants in Chiang Mai where you can visit at your convenience. Some restaurants are close to the downtown. Some are a little bit further but easy to access.  These restaurants serve a set of Lanna food on a round rattan tray or Toke accompanied by Lanna performances. It is good value for money and a perfect place to end your long travelling day in Chiang Mai. 

List of restaurants that provide Khantoke dinner in Chiangmai are below;  


Khum Khantoke

            For those who love a luxurious and extravaganza style, Khum Khantoke is your choice.  Khum Khantoke is a big restaurant, decorated in Lanna style.  It is the most popular Lanna style restaurant in Chiang Mai as it receives several hundreds of both Thai and international guests a day. The restaurant serves Lanna food which you can request as many helpings as you wish.  There are more than 8 menus are served followed by tea and coffee. Children portion can be requested and children under 4 years is free of charge.  The restaurant also offers 100% Muslim food, and a special zone only for Muslim people for additional 50 baht per person. Beverages are not included in a meal set but you can order from a menu. Water is unlimitedly served for only 20 baht per person. Soft drinks (Coke, Fanta, Sprite) are also served unlimitedly for only 50 baht per person.

            Khum Kantoke presents 8 spectacular Lanna shows and shows from other region which are heralded by Lanna style welcoming parade. Shows starts 18.30-21.00 pm. 


Chiang Mai Cultural Centre Khantoke

             If you fall in love with the Lannna culture and its elegant and gentle arts and crafts, Chiang Mai Cultural Centre Khantoke is worth considering. Chiang Mai Cultural Center Khantoke has been opened for more than 40 years (since  1971). It claims to be the first Lanna style restaurant in Chiang Mai that offers Khantoke dinners. The restaurant is in an old Lanna style wooded house docorated with Lanna arts and crafts. As soon as you step into the area of Chiang Mai cultural centre you will feel like you were back into the past of the Lanna Kingdom. You will be welcomed by waiters and waitresses dressed in traditional Lanna costumes. The restaurant serves authentic Lanna food. A meals set excludes beverages, however you can order beverages from a separate menu.

                  The highlights of this restaurant are cultural shows which are 100% Lanna plus shows of hill tribe people which take place at the Hill Tribe hall inside the cultural centre. Besides, this restaurant is situated in the centre of Chiang Mai down town and near the Woi Lai street which is the Saturday walking street, a perfect location! You can access the restaurant by public transports or a Red Song Taew Truck. And it takes only 5 minutes to the Chiang Mai Airport. 

Khantoke Palace

            Fancy an elegant Khantoke restaurant with a modern touch? If yes, Khantoke Palace might be your choice. The restaurant is fully air-conditioned with seats where you can relax your legs beneath the table.  The old Lanna tradition is perfectly blended with modern style of services.  It serves Lanna food which you request for as many helpings as you like. Waiters and waitresses are pleased to serve at all time. Coffee and tea are served after the meal. Beverages are not included in a meal set but you can order from a separate menu.   Lanna cultural shows are performed on a spacious stage in the restaurant hall. Every guests are guaranteed to have perfect views of the shows.  Shows start from 20.15 pm to 21.30 pm., a little later than other restaurants.  If your body aches and want to relax your muscle, the restaurant offers Thai massage service too. 

            Its location is awesome!! It is near Chiang Mai Night Bazaar. If you don’t take your car, just simply hire a red Song Taew to get there.

Banjarong Khantoke

              This restaurant is situated in the suburb area of Chiang Mai. It is on the Irrigation Canal Road after Suthep Sub-District office on the way to the Royal Rajapruk Park.  The restaurant is an old Lanna style wooden house. The atmosphere in the restaurant will makes you feel cozy and relaxed. Staff are friendly and warm.  The performance stage is in the middle of the restaurant to ensure that everyone has a perfect view of the shows. You can choose to sit on Lanna style seats or seats where you can relax your legs under the table.  The restaurant serves authentic Lanna and waiting staff will try their best to serve more as you request.  Halal food is available for additional 50 baht per person. A meal set excludes beverages but  you can order from a menu for your preference. Water is served unlimitedly for only 20 baht per person and soft drinks are 50 baht per person. The restaurant offers 9 impressive Lanna shows starting from 20.15 pm. to 21.15 pm., heralded by a welcoming show called “Khantoke Parade”.   

Sibsongpanna Khantoke  

            Shopping on the go!!  Sibsongpanna Khantoke restaurant is situated on the Irrigation Canal Road, on the access way of  Wat Umong Temple. It is near Ton Payom market, one of Chaing Mai’s big souvenir and local food markets, where you can shop before enjoying delicious Lanna food at Sibsongpanna Khantoke. This restaurant is in an exquisite old Lanna  style wooden house with a massive performing stage. The restaurant claims that it offers the most reasonable price for food and shows. Children under 5 years old is free of charge. Food is served until 22.00 pm. Beverages is not included in a meal set but can be ordered from a separate menu.   Bring your own alcoholic drinks, no worries!  If you order any soft drinks, no charge for opening your bottles.  It also offers special dishes such as Northern style pork sausages, Vietnamese meatball wraps (Nam Nheung) for only 50 baht per person per menu.  There are  9 Lanna shows for 45 minutes ( from 19.45 20.30 pm.).  

Ban Pee Heun Nong Khantoe

                  If you would like to have100% Halal Khantoke?  Ban Pee Heun Nong Khantoke is your choice. The restaurant is located on Chiang Mai-Lampang Super Highway road. Ban Pee Heun Nong Khantoke serves only 100% halal food. It welcomes all guests with all religious backgrounds.  The restaurant ensures that its food has an authentic Lanna taste with 100% halal ingredients! Originally, pork is main ingredient of most Lanna dishes but Ban Pee Heun Nong make them pork-free. It uses pork substitute ingredients but they are as delicious as originals.  Staff are waiting to serve you more food if required.  Its signature dishes are Northern style tomato and chilli paste served with boiled vegetables, Burmese chicken curry (Hang Le curry), fried chicken, spicy Tom Yum, stir-fired shitake mushroom with oyster sauce, crispy catfish salad and fried snakehead fish with herb and sweet sauce.  Cultural shows!! Of course, there are 13 spectacular Lanna cultural shows in the open air hall. The shows start at 17.30 pm.

              If you are an antique enthusiast, you can appreciate a display of antique collections within the restaurant. Haven’t finished your shopping lists, don’t panic!  You may as well shop here.  There are local souvenir shops where you can buy northern food (100% Halal).  

            We hope you this information give you some ideas of Khantoke restaurants in Chiang Mai. For any further question, please do not hesitate to let us know. 

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