Phang-nga Travel Guide 2024 - Ticket2Attraction
Phang-nga Travel Guide 2024 - Ticket2Attraction

Phang-nga Attractions

Phang-Nga is a province located in southern Thailand, next to Phuket province. It has the most beautiful, stunning landscape you never seen any places in the country which contain many unique natural landmarks such as beaches, mangrove forest, limestone rock islands, dense tropical jungle, caves and waterfall. Let's see how we can travel to Phan-Nga and what can we discover in this province.


Phang Nga Travel

 Travel to Phang Nga

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 Phang Nga Attractions


Travel to Phang Nga


Most people visit Phan Nga via Phuket or Krabi. Some may come from Bangkok or other provinces nearby. So, we will show you how to travel to Phan Nga from various directions. 


✈️ By Airplane

It's the fastest way to visit Phang Nga. However, Phang Nga doesn't have any airport, so all visitor must come via Phuket or Krabi airport.


Phuket Airport

Phuket airport is the most popular destination because it has many domestic and international flight operated in this airport. Also, majority of car rental's company are base in Phuket airport, so it's easier to find a car and drive to Phan Nga which only takes about 1 hour drive. The domestic airlines to Phuket are

   - Thai Airways from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi)
Thai AirAsia from Bangkok (Don Mueang/Suvarnabhumi)
   - Thai Lion Air from Bangkok (Don Mueang)
   - Nok Air from Bangkok (Don Mueang)
   - Thai Smile from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi)
   - Thai Vietjet from Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi)

You can also travel to Phuket bus terminal by Airport Bus and take a bus to Phan Nga. Ticket can be purchase at the bus terminal.
   - Phuket - Chumphon Bus
   - Bor Kor Sor. 999


Krabi Airport

Krabi airport is smaller than Phuket airport. It's suitable for traveler who want to visit Krabi first. Once arrive at Krabi airport, you have to wait for a bus outside the airport or rent a car. From Krabi to Phan Nga also takes about 1 hour drive.


🚆 By Train

Apart from airport, Phang Nga is also doesn't have the train station too. The closet train station is Surat Thani station. All southern line trains are stop at Surat Thani, so you can take any train you want, but we suggest the overnight express train for the most comfort journey. From Surat Thani station, you have to take a local taxi to Surat Thani bus terminal then take a bus to Phan Nga which takes about 2 more hours journey. This method we don't recommend as it takes a long journey and require multiple connection.

🚌  By Bus

Travel by bus is the only direct journey method to Phan Nga. It takes about 10-11 hours from Bangkok to Phan Nga and we suggest the overnight bus for morning arrival. All buses from Bangkok are depart from Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Sai Tai Mai) and there are various stops in Phan Nga depending on where you want to go.


How to Travel Inside Phang Nga


To travel inside Phang Nga, car rental is the best way to get around due to the public transportation is not convenient and not cover all major tourist attractions.


Update 15 Phang Nga Attractions & Activities


1. Khao Lak Beach

2. Black Sand at Nang Tong Beach


3. Surfing at Memories Beach



4. Similan Islands




5. Surin Islands



6. Sa Nang Manorah Waterfall Hiking Trail



7. Savannah Thailand at Phra Tong Island



8. Rafting at Song Phraek



9. Samed Nangshe Viewpoint


10. Reclining Buddha at Wat Suwan Khuha


11. James Bong Island


12. Kayaking in Phang Nga Bay



13. Panyi Island


14. The Little Amazone Takuapa


15. Sand Island of Ko Pha


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