5 Best Krabi Elephant Sanctuaries for animal lovers
5 Best Krabi Elephant Sanctuaries for animal lovers

5 Best Krabi Elephant Sanctuaries for animal lovers

 Best elephant sanctuaries in Krabi


Every trip to Thailand is only complete with saying hello to Thai elephants, after all, these intelligent animals are the national animals of the country. Although you can no longer see the elephant symbol on the country’s flag, you can still see them at elephant sanctuaries across the country.

Krabi elephant sanctuaries are some of the best places in Thailand to see rescued elephants. Explore in this blog, 5 elephant sanctuaries in Krabi for an engaging and heartwarming day with elephants. In Krabi, all elephant sanctuaries offer experiences that are carefully integrated into the daily routine of elephants which consists of feeding, mud playing, bathing, roaming, and play.

Therefore, all sanctuaries offer certain levels of close contact with elephants, and currently, no-contact elephant sanctuaries in Krabi are not yet available.

All the sanctuaries that we chose are located close to Ao Nang and Krabi Town so the main difference is in the sanctuary's highlights. Visitors have the option of bathing with elephants in a natural mangrove creek, an elephant + Tiger Cave Temple experience, and many more, read on to find out.



The sanctuaries offer roundtrip transfers from hotels depending on your hotel location and the package chosen.


Elephant Sanctuaries in Krabi for An Intimate Experience


elephant sanctuaries in Krabi 


1. Aonang Elephant Sanctuary Krabi - Half-Day Elephant Care Experience

First on the list is a sanctuary popular among Krabi visitors. It offers a solid and authentic elephant experience. Since 2018, the Aonang Elephant Sanctuary has been growing in its Krabi elephant rescue effort. 


  • Locating just a 10 minutes drive from Ao Nang Beach
  • Engage in elephant caring activities such as feeding, mud spa, and bathing elephants
  • Join a half-day program to learn about and experience a heartwarming interaction


Ao Nang, Mueang Krabi

Ao Nang Elephant Sanctuary Krabi 

Ao Nang Elephant SanctuaryAo Nang Elephant Sanctuary


2. Krabi Elephant Shelter - Bathing in a natural creek amongst mangrove forest

Krabi Elephant Shelter houses retired elephants from logging sites and other animal trekking or circuses in Krabi where the activities you purchased are engineered around the elephants’ habits creating a cohabitating experience for humans and elephants.


  • Krabi Elephant Shelter is situated amidst a lush green jungle of palm trees
  • Take part in different programs dedicated to the well-being of elephants without harmful activities.
  • Learn how to make elephant dietary supplements and feed the friendly giants.


Ao Nang, Krabi

 Krabi Elephant Shelter

Krabi Elephant ShelterKrabi Elephant Shelter


3. Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary - Walk with the elephants through the lush jungle

The Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary prides itself on being a family of humans and elephants of over two generations. 

There is a great emphasis on elephants' mental and physical well-being where although you are paying for an intimate experience with the elephants, the trainers will become protective of the elephants if they start showing signs of discomfort.


  • Choose from one of the three programs encompassing jungle walks, feeding, bathing, mud spa, and making paper from elephant dunks!
  • The sanctuary operates on a no-riding, no-chains, and no-hook principle and has received many good reviews from animal lovers.
  • The friendly and informative tour guide helps make your program fun and engaging.


Thab Prik, Krabi

Krabi Elephant House Sanctuary

Krabi Elephant HouseKrabi Elephant House Sanctuary


4. The Elephant Sanctuary Krabi - Small group size for an intimate elephant encounter

Embark on an informative trip to The Elephant Sanctuary Krabi, learn about the exploitation of elephants in Thailand, and take part in small groups to feed the elephants and give them a nice bath. 


  • The sanctuary receives plenty of positive reviews from visitors.
  • Learn how to make dietary supplements for the elephants and feed them their yummy treats.
  • Meet the friendly elephants Malai and Komkoon and observe their childlike behaviors.
  • The Elephant Sanctuary Krabi limits its group size to 12 people per group to ensure that it is safe for the elephants.


Nong Thale, Muang Krabi

 The Elephant Sanctuary Krabi

The elephant sanctuary KrabiThe Elephant sanctuary Krabi


5. Krabi Elephant Green Sanctuary - Visit the 360-degree viewpoint of Tiger Cave Temple

The Krabi Elephant Green Sanctuary is another sanctuary with breathtaking natural beauty. The foot of the Tiger Cave Hill hides an elephant sanctuary in Krabi that is family-owned and is home to two female elephants.  

An alternative to the hugely established sanctuaries, the Krabi Elephant Green Sanctuary is perfect for those looking to ditch the crowds and have an intimate experience with the elephants in Krabi.


  • Feed and bathe with elephants against a gorgeous mountain backdrop.
  • Take a beautiful walk in the forest to feed the elephants
  • Embark on a tour of the Tiger Cave Temple and get a 360-degree view of Krabi from its viewpoint.


Krabi Noi, Krabi

 Krabi Elephant Green Sanctuary

Krabi Elephant Green SanctuaryElephant Green Sanctuary Krabi

Overall, interaction with elephants in Krabi is an intimate and beautiful experience that we hope everybody can feel at least once in their life. If you happen to be in Phuket, Krabi’s sister province, there are elephant sanctuaries in Phuket that offer varied elephant experiences from observing on the walkway to swimming with them on the beach.


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