Similan Island : One Day Trip
Similan Island : One Day Trip

Day Trip: Similan Islands

Similan Islands: The Jewel of the Andaman Sea

Similan Islands

   "Similan" in Yawi language means "Nine". It's referred to 9 islands in the area and called this archipelago, Similan islands. Some of these islands are close for the public for natural and wildlife conservation purposes. The islands that are open to the public are Similan island, Ba Ngu island, Payu island, Miang island, Island no. 5 and 6. However, the islands are close annually during raining season from 15 May to 15 October. The best time to visit Similan islands is February to April. This period the weather is calm, water is crystal clear and suitable for snorkeling and scuba diving. The islands receive high reputation for the one of the world's best scuba diving site with variety of marine creatures and beautiful coral reef. Beside the stunning underwater world, the white sand beach is also the highlight tourist are willing to see with their own eyes. There are famous spot where you must check in on your Instagram like the "Sailing Rock" and "Donald Duck Bay" where the panoramic view of the surrounding islands can be seen in the distance. This paradise island should be the one in your bucket list.

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   Due to the Similan islands are located far from the major city like Phuket, many people may wonder about how to travel or take a tour within a day. Don't worry, it's possible to take a one day trip to Similan islands even if you stay in Phuket. All boats to Similan islands are leaving from Thap Lamu pier, Phang Nag province. It takes about 1.30-2 hours (100 km.) drive from Phuket. If you don't want to wake up early in the morning, you can stay in Khao Lak area which is about 20 minutes drive to the pier. Once you are leaving, it takes about 1.30 hour journey until you reach the islands.

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What should I bring with?
It's very simple, bring anything you need for your islands trip such as sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, camera, swimwear, waterproof bag and camera. Also, wear a shorts and slippers or flipflops because it's hot and your feet may getting wet or covered by sand. If you book a tour, it's very convenient as the operator will prepare the food, transport and insurance for you. 

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Similan Map

For those who are looking for a professional tour service with all inclusive one day trip package from Phuket, there are many high profile operators available with various activities and prices. The prices for a day trip to Similan islands starting from 2,200 THB (for Non Thai visitors)

*Please note that the price for foreign tourist is higher than Thai citizen due to an island fee of 500 THB/Adult and 300 THB/Child.

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