Best Bangkok Private Boat Charter and rentals 2024 | Ticket2Attraction
Best Bangkok Private Boat Charter and rentals 2024 | Ticket2Attraction

Best Private Dinner Cruises in Bangkok for Charter

 Private dinner cruise and yacht on Chao Phraya River

A private dinner cruise on the Chao Phraya is a unique outing experience to explore Bangkok’s vibrancy and astonishing river view. Take your party to the river of Chao Phraya through the types of cruise, boats, and yacht charters in this blog.

Ticket2Attraction specializes in private events on the Chao Phraya River cruises. We can help our valued customers find the best private dinner cruises for their private parties and arrange all special requirements such as food, route, and other amenities like MC, singer, photographer, and decorations to guests’ preference.

Private dinner cruise Bangkok 

Celebrate a special occasion in a unique way


Why should you charter a private dinner cruise?

  • Unmatched view of Bangkok’s landmark: Cruise through the astonishing scenes of Bangkok’s history and culture. Marvel at the city’s glistening landmarks as the sun sets.
  • Customized Itineraries: Be the boss of your journey and design a voyage that fits your style, budget, and time.
  • Luxury and comfort: Vessels are perfectly designed to cater to a high-end and elegant cruising experience.
  • Exclusive experiences: Perfect for intimate private gatherings.


Private River Cruises Summary

1.Types of boats and cruises for charter
         1.1 Typical Thai boat
         1.2 Yachts
         1.3 Upscale Luxury Cruise
         1.4 Contemporary Cruise
2. Route
3. Cruising time
4. Menu
5. Facilities
6. How to Book
7. Our customer



Types of cruises for charter

Typical Thai Boat


The typical Thai boat offers a traditional cruising experience in luxury and style reflecting Thai culture with a voyage that promises visitors a range of experiences from a relaxed cruise on the river to formal gatherings perfect for welcoming special guests.


Manohra Cruise (Maximum 60 pax)

A wooden elegant cruise dazzling on the Chao Phraya River, the Manohra cruise offers the perfect private excursion. Serving authentic Thai set menus with traditional flair prepared by Bangkok’s 5-star hotel, the Manohra cruise journeys down the Chao Phraya pass by astonishing cultural and historical landmarks. This cruise is suitable for formal receptions whether for business settings or special occasions.

Capacity: 20 - 60 pax

Starting price: 90,000 THB

Boat and cruise rental in BangkokBangkok private dinner cruise

Thai set dinner on the Chao Phraya private cruise (Maximum 35 pax)

Experience Thai dining on the Thai-style boat suitable for families, friends, and coworkers. Compared to other cruises, the minimum guest requirement is lower with a more affordable price, but passengers are guaranteed to have an equally splendid time. 

The seatings are all open-air with lounge areas on the upper deck and front deck.

Capacity: 3- 35 pax

Starting price: 18,000 THB

Bangkok private cruise charterprivate cruise charter Chao Phraya River



The most luxurious cruising experience is on yachts. This type of vessel is fitting for small to medium gatherings that are a little more special such as birthday celebrations, proposals, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or intimate business or partnership events. 

There is a wide range of vessels catering to guests starting as low as 20 and up to 80 passengers serving set menus, and buffet guests can choose based on their preferences.


One-deck yacht (Maximum 30 pax)

Last on the list is the Bangkok Private Yacht Charter offering a warming experience while enjoying delectables and a good time with friends and families. 

The interior is decorated with a comforting ambiance and entertainment such as karaoke and the exterior boasts many great photo opportunities with the glistening landmarks. Guests can also bring drinks and food for their gathering at no extra charge.

Capacity: 5 - 30 pax

Starting price: 45,000 THB

Private yacht and boat charter in BangkokPrivate yacht and boat charter in Bangkok


Two-deck yacht (Maximum 80 pax)

The yacht caters to events that facilitate a bigger crowd. Serving Thai and International buffets, the private buffet cruise is an excellent option for company outings or product launches where guests have the option to dine both outdoors under the stars and indoors in air-conditioned.

Capacity: 40 - 80 pax

Starting price: 90,000 THB

Private yacht and boat charter in BangkokPrivate yacht and boat charter in Bangkok

Upscale Luxury Cruise


Legacy Private Yacht Charter (Maximum 40 pax)

The white exterior of the Legacy private yacht is recognizable from afar. Frequented by celebrities, and famous business individuals, the Legacy private yacht boasts 3 decks and a modern design, serving passengers with both a canape menu and a set menu.

Capacity: 30 -  40 pax

Starting price: 59,900 THB

Bangkok private yacht charterchao phraya private yacht rental and charter


Pruek Luxury Private Yacht Charter (Maximum 30 pax)

The Pruek ship is an elegant British-styled ship made of golden teak wood with an outdoor dining area as well as an indoor air-conditioned area. The 3-deck ship welcomes passengers to the most luxurious event venue with a bar and a rooftop garden.

Capacity: 10 - 30 pax

Starting price: 69,000 THB


Bangkok private cruise charterBangkok private luxury cruise


Saffron Fine Dining cruise (Maximum 80 pax)

Unveiling a cruising experience like no other, the Saffron Cruise provides a stylized dining experience, aboard a 38-meter boat. Saffron Cruise’s menu is something you will not find elsewhere, with dishes that are crafted with creativity and talent.

The interior is decorated in red teak wood making dining a truly high-end experience fitting for formal and black-tie occasions. The lower floor is for dining with the upper floor a bar area for lunging and mingling.

Capacity: 40 - 80 pax

Starting price: 400,000 THB

 Bangkok cruise charterCruise charter on the Chao Phraya River


Contemporary Cruise


One of the most unique ways to celebrate is by chartering a contemporary cruise and dining under the stars on the Chao Phraya River gliding past iconic landmarks. We currently offer 17 cruise ships to choose from for your private event. See the Chao Phraya river cruises available for private renting here starting at 180 passengers up to 450.

However, for a lower number of guests, you can also charter a zone on the contemporary cruises with a minimum of 20 people, choosing from a VIP room, front deck, rooftop, or private deck. The price for a private zone charter starts at 800 to 1,200 THB per person.

Interested in private events on the Chao Phraya River on one of the cruises, please feel free to contact us on WhatsApp (+66)95-5048282


Two-deck cruise (Maximum 350 pax)

Switching from traditional to modern style, we have a clean, and simple 2 deck cruise equipped with a lower deck air-conditioned zone and an upper deck outdoor zone.

Capacity: 180 - 350 pax

Starting price: 900 THB/pax

Private yacht and boat charter in BangkokPrivate yacht and boat charter in Bangkok


Three-deck cruise (Maximum 600 pax)

Similarly, a 3 decks modern cruise has the same configuration but is larger and can hold more guests. There is an extra deck which is an air-conditioned zone.

Capacity: 300 - 600 pax

Starting price: 1000 THB/pax

Private yacht and boat charter in BangkokPrivate yacht and boat charter in Bangkok



Most of the Chao Phraya River boats will be cruising on the same route which passes many iconic landmarks such as Wat Arun, The Grand Palace, Rama VIII Bridge, Memorial Bridge, Asiatique, and ICONSIAM.



Cruising time

Another perk to chartering a private dinner cruise is being able to choose your own cruising time. Hosts can choose their desired cruising time based on their needs. Private dinner cruises on the Chao Phraya River generally take two hours perfect for lunch, dinner, entertainment, and gliding past all the important landmarks.

In addition, guests can request an additional hour for dances, speeches, product presentations, or special activities with an extra charge. Guests can choose to cruise in the daytime, sunset, or nighttime depending on their celebratory mood.


All cruises offer different dining experiences with their own menu ranging from canapes, a set menu, and a buffet that is crafted by chefs where guests can also request small changes to the menu as they desire.

 Private bangkok cruiseChao Phraya private charterPrivate boat rental in Bangkok



  • Facilities on the cruise: Toilet, bar, lounge areas, tables.
  • Additional amenities: Transport to the pier, projector, microphone, sound system, decorations such as balloons, flowers, and backdrops, music band, live performance, firework, photographer, MC, server, translator, chef, and DJ.


How to book

Ticket2Attraction is the go-to for private dinner chartering on the Chao Phraya. Leave the arrangement and booking to us and we will take care of every step of your voyage.

Simply send us a message via WhatsApp or email us at [email protected] of what you are looking for and we will deliver.


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