One Day Private Sailing Yacht Charter in Phuket 2023 -24- Ticket2Attraction
One Day Private Sailing Yacht Charter in Phuket 2023 -24- Ticket2Attraction

Private Sailing Yacht Phuket

Summer has arrived!..... If we have to pick some place to travel during this hot weather, we are 100% sure that most of us will think about 'Sea and beaches'. There is nothing more satisfied than lying down on the white sand beach and enjoy cool coconut drinks while watching the panoramic view of crystal clear water. Phuket, Thailand is a world class destination for sea and beaches, the island is surrounded by many beautiful paradise islands which all travelers should have spend at least 1 day to visit and see with your own eyes. Apart from travel by speed boat, there are another unique way to travel which is by sailing yacht. Now, journey on the luxury yacht is inexpensive especially on private basis. Today, Ticket2Attraction will suggest private packages for sailing yacht and conclude all details you should know to help you consider this activity for your next trip to Phuket.



1. Private Sailing Yacht Packages
2. Destinations
         2.1 Koh Hey
         2.2 Koh Racha
         2.3 Koh Khai
         2.4 Koh Mai Thon
         2.5 Promthep Cape
         2.6 Koh Lon


Phuket Private Sailing Yacht Packages

Route Duration

Koh Hey (Coral Island) Morning


1-10 Pax –9,900 THB

Koh Hey (Coral Island) Afternoon


1-20 Pax – 15,000 THB
21-30 Pax – 17,500 THB

Sunset Promthep Cape


1-20 Pax – 15,000 THB
21-30 Pax – 17,500 THB

Coral Island + Promthep Cape


1-20 Pax – 17,500 THB
21-30 Pax – 20,000 THB

Coral Island + Koh Racha


1-15 Pax – 21,000 THB
16 Pax onward - +800 THB/person

Koh Khai


1-20 Pax – 19,000 THB
21-30 Pax – 25,000 THB

Koh Maiton + Koh Khai


1-10 Pax – 23,200 THB
11-20 Pax – 24,700 THB


* Program duration can be change depending on weather condition.
** These rates are applicable for sailing yacht charter only. Price can be vary depending on customer's additional requirement such as hotel transfer, lunch or larger boat for a large group.


1. Koh Hey (Coral Island)

     Speaking of the nearest and easiest-to-travel island in Phuket, 'Koh Hey or the Coral island' would definitely be the answer. With a journey time about 40 minutes by sailing yacht from the Chalong pier, you will be reaching one of the popular beach in the region. So, it's a good choice for those who are looking for a half day trip. Visitor can relax on the beach or snorkeling or finding photo spot for the best Instagram post. Also, there are various activities to do on the beach such as banana boat, parasailing, sea walker and clear kayak. On the way back, we suggest you to add watching sunset at the Promthep cape. It's the most beautiful sunset viewpoint in the country and when you are on the yacht, every minute is worth to take a photo.


2. Koh Racha

     Coming up to the second island. This island is popular for nature lovers, especially those who like extreme crystal clear sea water and white sand beach. Racha island the number one spot of Phuket in term of magnificent nature for both island and underwater. Many people coming to this island looking for the peaceful place to hangout and snorkeling to see colorful coral reef. If you prefer to visit the island by sailing yacht, the package is also include stop at the coral island as it's located half way between Phuket and Racha island. 


3. Koh Khai

      Let's continue with the third island. 'Khai island' is an fried-egg-shaped like island. (Khai in thai language is mean egg). It's located on the east side of Phuket which is suitable for relaxing, chilling with family or friends. There are many activities to do on the beach. Whether it's sunbathing, swimming. The water is not too deep, only about adult knees, so family can enjoy with children on the shoreline. Also, the nearby 'Khai Nui' is a good snorkeling spot to see various marine fish especially the crown fish


4. Koh Mai Thon

     Another romantic destination in Phuket at Mai Thon island. The island was popular for tourists, especially for couples who want to find romantic places to spend their honeymoon together. Sometime it was nick named "Maldives of Thailand" due to the island setting and atmosphere was beautiful as to the Maldives. It's less crowded compare to other nearby island, so it another good spot to relax on the beach and snorkeling. The coral reef in this island was well-preserved with abundant marine life.


5. Promthep Cape

     Last but not least, the most famous landmark in Phuket at Promthep cape. If anyone comes to Phuket and haven't visit Promthep cape, you have missed one of the iconic place in Thailand. It's the most beautiful sunset spot in the country. Some of you may think how is this place a destination for sailing yacht? Most people visit the place by car but less people know that you can come by a sailing yacht too. Coming by a yacht you will definitely see the scenery more than the Promthep cape. The boat will bring you to Yanui beach, passing through the beach and until you reach Krating cape. Dinner on the luxury yacht with this atmosphere and scenery especially during sunset is the most romantic thing you every experience in your life.


6. Koh Lon

     Koh Lon is a large island located in the southern part of Phuket which is very close to Chalong pier. So, it's a short trip by sailing yacht that have all activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, relaxing on the beach. Sea in this area is calm, you can do paddle boarding which is very popular among teenage travelers. This route is recommended for those who want full private yacht trip within budget price.


How was all the destinations we mentioned? Some places you may have been there before but we are sure that you never go by a sailing yacht. Even when you are going to the same destination, you will get different feeling and experience while journey on the luxury yacht. During this COVID-19 outbreak, private charter is a good choice for those who want to get a full relaxation without worrying about getting involve with other people.


Lastly, here is a tip for selecting the best sailing yacht that suit you best. In Thailand, the popular catamaran sailing yacht's brand that most of the operators use is the "Lagoon". Lagoon is a world-class luxury brand who specialize on the sailing yacht. When you step on the Lagoon yacht, you can feel safe from the high quality equipment and luxury facilities on aboard.

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