Discovering an unspoiled beauty of islands nearby Phuket

Discovering an unspoiled beauty of islands nearby Phuket

 ‘The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.’ by Jaccques Yves Cousteau, is always meaningful and impressive for anyone who is starving for healing in life. Phuket is a well-known travel destination that attracts a lot of visitors from all around the world. Phuket, a pearl of Andaman sea, consists of many surrounding islands and all of it should be in your Must-Visit list. Each island has different unique characteristics from each other, for example, Coral island (or Hey island) is popular for families who want to spend time with their child on the island that is not far from the mainland, Similan and Surin islands are for snorkelers and scuba divers. Therefore, we have collected all the islands that will impress and bless your vacation when you are in Phuket. Are you ready? So let us bring you and enjoy together!


1. Coral island (Hey island, Banana Beach)

It takes only a 15 minutes journey from Chalong pier by speedboat! Coral island has 2 sides which are the main beach and banana beach, but we recommend you do activities on the banana beach side rather than the main side because it is more crowded on the main side and less activities there. Banana beach provides you with various water activities such as snorkeling, clear kayak, sea walking, parasailing, banana boat, diving and relaxing on the beach. Buying a tour is suggested because if you rent a boat, you need to pay for entrance fee, but the tour package includes this expense. Just gear up for a good for a vacation!

✓ Highlight: White sandy beach surrounded by crystal clear water. Snorkeling is recommended, taking a picture with a hornbill is a must.
✓ Pros: Only 15 mins from pier and many water activities e.g., clear kayak, snorkeling, sea walking, parasailing, banana boat etc. Also, a clean toilet and changing room with good quality is provided.
✓ Cons: Checking wind direction before going, no accommodation on the island.
✓ Price: Starting from 500 THB

Banana Beach


2. Phi Phi island

One of the famous islands for everyone who comes to Phuket. Phi Phi island became popular since the film ‘The Beach’ was released in 2002, Maya Bay was location of this film and played by Leonardo DiCaprio. Phi Phi island attracts visitors by several activities such as snorkeling, dropping off at viking cave, swimming at Pileh Lagoon and relaxing on Phi Phi Don and Bamboo island.

✓ Highlight: Swimming at picturesque Pileh Lagoon inlet where you can feel like you are surrounded by the sea, chilling on Phi Phi Don, dropping off and seeing the remains of local settlement in the past at the Viking cave.
✓ Pros: 1 hour from Phuket by speedboat, several snorkeling spots
✓ Cons: The abundance of coral reefs is less than other islands like Surin and Similan islands.
✓ Price: Starting from 1,299 THB



3. Khai Nok and Khai Nai islands

Located just 10 kilometers east of Phuket or about a 20 minutes speed boat ride from the pier. You will arrive at picturesque islands of Khai Nok island and Khai Nai island. Both islands are suitable for everyone; family, friends and couples. Visitors can enjoy a swarm of colorful fish underwater and spend time on the beach. Restaurants and toilets are also provided on the island. Fresh seafood is ready to be served!

✓ Highlight: Only 20 minutes from Phuket, variety of water activities e.g. banana boat, taking a photo at viewpoint.
✓ Pros: Chilling and snorkeling on the beach, facilities on island are sufficient and clean.
✓ Cons: These islands might not be suitable for anyone who wants to focus on snorkeling because both islands are more appropriate for relaxation.
✓ Price: Starting from 799 THB



4. Similan island

It’s time for snorkelers and scuba divers! The first island that we would like to recommend you do snorkeling is Similan island. This island will not ruin your expectations whatever you want to see and meet, you will see it all (especially sea turtles is the best luck for you 😉). Diversity of snorkeling spots which you will have a chance to see sea turtles, selfie with the sailing rock viewpoint and relaxing on white sandy beach. Activities are suitable for everyone with safety control by national park staff. Similan is waiting for you all!

✓ Highlight: Snorkeling at every spot is a must-do activity, chilling on scenic and sandy beaches and taking a photo at a famous viewpoint – sailing rock viewpoint.
✓ Pros: Fulfilled sea lover’s desire by visiting many snorkeling spots, a chance to see sea turtles if you are lucky!
✓ Cons: Approximately 1.30 hrs. from pier (pier is located in Phang Nga province which takes around 1.30 hrs. from Phuket) and few water sport activities on island
✓ Price: Starting from 1,200 THB



5. Surin island

Let’s continue with the second island for snorkeling and scuba diver is Surin island. Most tourists will visit Surin island to see the beauty atmosphere underwater of the Andaman Sea. Enjoy the salty vibe with a crowd of fish, sea anemone, many species of coral and nemo are waiting for you to take a shot with them. Besides snorkeling, there is another interesting site to visit which is ‘Moken Village’; a 100-year-old village that lived on island for almost 100 years until they settled at present village. You can see their lifestyle which was inherited from their ancestors. Therefore, you will find them only when you come to Surin island.

✓ Highlight: snorkeling at 3 popular snorkel spots, swimming with nemo family, indulge yourself with local culture at Morgan villager.
✓ Pros: a paradise of scuba diving; enjoy yourself with coral reef, sea anemone, marine animals.
✓ Cons: Approximately 1.45 – 2 hrs. from Phuket to Thap Lamu pier and 1.45 hrs. from the pier to Surin island
✓ Price: starting from 1,490 THB




6. Rok & Haa islands

It is known as a “Queen of Andaman”, exploring what is under turquoise water! Hermit crab is our main star on Rok island because you will see a lot of them walking pass when you are on the beach. Also, you can relax and sunbathe on the beach, shady by trees, swimming to see cutie fish underwater. Apart from relaxing on the beach, also 40 mins for snorkeling at Rok Nai island and next stop at Haa island. There are many types of marine creatures you will see down there such as nemo, starfish, puffer fish, sea cucumber etc.

✓ Highlight: Beach is calmer than other islands, less tourists you will meet.
✓ Pros: Various animals underwater, shady areas on the beach.
✓ Cons: 1.45 – 2 hrs. from pier in Phuket by speedboat.
✓ Price: Starting from 1,799 THB



All above are islands that should be pinned on your list when you come to Phuket. Each one has its own attractive and unique points. For example, Coral island and Khai islands are appropriate for anyone who want to snorkeling and stay chill on the beach or want to do some water activities, Surin and Similan islands are suitable for a fan of snorkeling and scuba diving or anyone who wants to stay calm and snorkeling among a quiet place, the Rok and Haa islands are your answer. So, yeah! All you need is a good dose of vitamin SEA 😊

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