10 best premium hotel buffet in Bangkok in 2024
10 best premium hotel buffet in Bangkok in 2024

10 best premium hotel buffet in Bangkok in 2024

Delectable Hotel Buffet in Bangkok

The best way to eat to your heart's content and indulge in a mouth-watering explosion of flavors is by going to a hotel buffet. What makes these buffets so unique is their specialization to bring out the international taste with curated ingredients and premium meat guaranteed to give you a feel of luxury. It's a perfect experience for anyone wanting to have dinner with a special someone or just a feast of premium quality and taste. Read on to find a list of hotel buffets in Bangkok of impeccable taste.

1. Dim sum at Dynasty Centara Grand Hotel Buffet in Bangkok, CentralWorld

Hotel Buffet in BangkokHotel Buffet in Bangkok

 Brace yourself for mouth-watering dim sum dishes, promised to satisfy your palate from a 35-dish menu cooked from premium ingredients by critically acclaimed chef Kongsun Sae-Liang at the Chinese-styled premium hotel buffet in Bangkok at Centara Grand Hotel, CentralWorld. Serving you dim sum buffets, artisans, Alaskan Crab with noodle soup, salted-egg dumplings, steamed crab sausage, shrimp Ha Gao, crab dumplings steamed with Shimeji mushroom, deep-fried pork with a special honey sauce, fried noodles with red-roasted pork, and many more items that are sure to satiate your hunger at this premium buffet.


2. Ventisi Hotel Buffet in Bangkok Centara Grand CentralWorld

Hotel Buffet in BangkokHotel Buffet in Bangkok

 Get a taste of the luxurious international Bangkok dinner buffet and breakfast at Ventisi, located on the 24th floor of Centara Grand Hotel. Enjoy an array of flavorsome dishes carefully selected and crafted with the freshest and highest quality ingredients guaranteed by chef Andrea Montella, Ventisi’s star-studded Italian chef with over 35 years of experience working with fine dining restaurants all over the world. If seafood on ice tickles your palate, prepare to be amazed by the unlimited flow of flathead lobster, river prawns, mussels, oysters, blue crabs, salad bars, ham, cheese, sushi, and pasta. Each day offers a different theme of menu guaranteed to delight your taste buds, for instance, Thursdays are for Truffle menus, Fridays are reserved for European-styled Alpian menu, and Saturday’s theme is Wagyu beef. 


3. XinTian Di Dim Sum Buffet at Crowne Plaza Bangkok

 The Dimsum Buffet at Xin Tian Di (Crowne Plaza Lumpini Park) guarantees to make you salivate the moment you step inside. From pork dumplings, deep-fried shrimp with wasabi sauce, deep-fried pork with a special honey sauce, fried noodles with red-roasted pork, and 30 more items are included on their special menu, This restaurant is another cult-favorite Bangkok buffet restaurant. Get ready to savor mouthwatering authentic cuisine produced by skilled chefs who place an emphasis on the quality of their ingredients. Open every day, Xin Tian Di is prepared to offer lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, with a somewhat varied menu on the weekends. Book now to quench your hunger with a dim sum hotel buffet in Bangkok.


4. Chocolate buffet at Sukhothai Hotel

Hotel buffet in BangkokHotel buffet in Bangkok

 Enjoy some delicious and warm goodies at the Chocolate Buffet (Lobby Salon) at the Sukhothai Hotel Bangkok. Try over 30 kinds of top-quality chocolate that have been expertly molded into amusing forms by skilled chefs using ingredients obtained from all over the world. The chocolate is served in a variety of ways, including in tiny bite-sized pieces and warm cups of melted chocolate that are served with complementary delicate biscuits that will undoubtedly make you warm and fuzzy.


5. Seafood Barbecue Buffet at FEAST, Royal Orchid Sheraton Bangkok

Hotel buffet in BangkokHotel buffet in Bangkok

 Fully indulge in a barbecued seafood Bangkok buffet, freshly prepared every day. They have a wide ingredient selection imported from every corner of the world waiting for you at FEAST on the ground floor of Royal Orchid Sheraton Bangkok. Embrace yourself with a top-graded menu of both sweet and salty, Western, Japanese-styled, seasonal fruits, and inviting desserts, all of which are unlimited. Those looking to visit a hotel buffet in Bangkok and enjoy a romantic environment by the river will love FEAST, perfect for your evening with family, friends, and special people. 


6. Atelia International Bangkok dinner buffet at Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit

 Seafood and barbecue lovers, we recommend not missing this hotel buffet in Bangkok. Located at a 5-star hotel Pullman Bangkok Grande Sukhumvit in downtown Bangkok, Asoke. Serving international Bangkok buffet dinners of various stations, artisans, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian foods, salad bars, and many other stations to choose from such as monthly specials like the grilled lamb ribs, and oysters drizzled in special sauce.


7. Baiyoke Hotel Buffet in Bangkok

Baiyoke Sky Hotel is the most popular destination for people who are looking to have a great dinner surrounded by great views. The cylinder building offer great buffets on different floors, each with its own signature taste and highlights. From Chinese cuisines to Western cuisines of Wagyu beef and imported oysters, the Baiyoke Sky hoteloffers the most delectable taste. There are 7 different restaurants. To find out the differences between them and what they offer, please read Baiyoke Sky Hotel Buffet.


8. Goji Kitchen & Bar @ Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen's Park

 Goji Kitchen & Bar is ready to welcome you with a  presentation of a premium buffet that promises to delight your taste buds. Serving a wide range of dishes including imported cold cuts, cheese, beef steak, grilled Hokkaido mussels all the way up to seafood and international dishes from a packed menu. 


9. Gold Teak Restaurant at The Twin Towers


Serving lunch buffet through an excellent culinary experience, the Gold Teak Restaurant nestled in between The Twin Tower awaiting to offer customers with 


10. Fu Marn Lau buffet at The Twin Towers

For those who are on a gastronomic trip in Bangkok, you cannot miss this buffet restaurant, Fu Marn Lau at the Twin Towers. You can expect a Cantonese menu from a wide range of delectable dim sums to beef stew in red wine. Prepared by an experienced team of chefs and high-quality ingredients, dinner at Fu Marn Lau is guaranteed to be a must-try experience.

  • Opens daily
    • Lunch: 11.30 - 14.30 
    • Dinner: 18.00 - 22.00

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