Recommendation for Khao Yai Attractions: Where to visit in Khao Yai
Recommendation for Khao Yai Attractions: Where to visit in Khao Yai

17 Updated Khao Yai Attractions 2024

Attractions in Khao Yai 2024


Being the biggest national park in Thailand, Khao Yai attractions pull visitors back again and again. You’ll be impressed no matter how many times you've visited. Khao Yai is the first and largest national park in Thailand. It is considered one of the world’s most essential ozone sources covering 4 provinces: Saraburi, Nakhon Ratchasima, Prachin Buri, and Nakhon Nayok, all of which are close to Bangkok. 

Only 145 kilometers away, Khao Yai national park is easy to get to and can be visited all year round. Visitors will enjoy various Khao Yai attractions and activities such as watching animals all day, trekking, photography, hiking viewpoints, waterfalls, and Khao Yai camping. If that’s not enough, the area is full of cafes, accommodations, and restaurants decorated with European, country, vintage, luxurious, or even minimalist architectural designs to give you each a different vibe. The closer it is to the rainy season, the more attractive the morning mist around all the viewpoints is. Take in the view of mountains layering on each other like cake, and a green luscious forest waiting for you to recharge your energy.


Getting to Khao Yai: Simple and Easy


We compiled 4 different traveling methods you can take to reach Khao Yai and Khao Yai attractions

  1. Driving there-With your car, you can easily reach Khao Yai following Google Maps in 2h and 45 mins. 

  2. Bus-You can also take the bus at Mo Chit station from Bangkok directly to Pak Chong district where Khao Yai Park is located. Or, travelers can take the bus to Nakhon Ratchasima and ask for a drop-off at Pak Chong but you’ll need to take a pickup truck (SongThaew) to Khao Yai.

  3. A train-This is also a popular option. Taking the North Eastern Railway (Bangkok-Pak Chong), you can get off at Pak Chong Station, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, then take a minibus at Pak Chong District Market to Khao Yai National Park.

  4. Car rental with a driver from Bangkok is super convenient. You need not take multiple rides that will tire you before you even get to Khao Yai attractions. With a driver, you can spend time traveling without worrying about traveling. If interested, contact us via Line @ticket2attraction.

Khao Yai Attraction Map 

 Khao Yai map

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17 Updated Khao Yai Attractions 2024


In addition to the breathtaking scenery of Khao Yai National Park, Khao Yai is surrounded by many beautiful check-in points. There are plenty of cafes to choose from. Whether you’re grabbing coffee, updating your Instagram feed, or you just simply love nature, you are in for a holiday worth your money. Khao Yai attractions are easy to get to, whether traveling as a day trip to Khao Yai or a 3-days trip, Khao Yai meets everyone's needs.

1. Primo Piazza

primo piazza khao yaiprimo piazza khao yai

Primo Piazza is a replica of an Italian town put right in the middle of the national park. The town offers plenty of photo opportunities that are beautiful from any angle! Colorful buildings stand out interspersed with green grass hills and mountain views, giving a very foreign feel. In addition to the beautiful buildings, they also have cafes and restaurants to freshen you up and fill your stomach. The best part is you get to experience the cuteness of fluffy alpacas and chubby sheep which you can also feed. We advise booking tickets in advance with Ticket2Attraction.

2. PB Valley Khao Yai Winery

pb valley khaoyaipb valley khaoyai

One of the places to visit in Khao Yai is PB Valley Khao Yai Winery. Visit vineyards that stretch as far as the eyes can see, perfect for people who are open to new experiences. You can take selfies, tour the winery and vineyards, and watch wine production and storage. In addition to the vineyards, you can find dishes from various nationalities at The Great Hornbill Restaurant that are worth trying. 

Once at a vineyard, you cannot miss Khao Yai grape wine that is displayed in a spectacle production and is up for visitors to taste. There is also homemade ice cream and 100% real Shiraz grape juice to freshen up and cool down. As always, we recommend securing your tickets before visiting to ensure utmost convenience for your holiday. 

3. GranMonte Vineyard and Winery

granmote khao yaigranmote khao yai

If you are ever visiting  Khao Yai attractions, make sure to stop by multiple places to try different food. The GranMonte Vineyard and Winery were awarded Thailand Tourism Award 2022 to guarantee its deliciousness. At the GranMonte vineyard, you will have a chance to learn about the in-depth process of growing wine grapes on large farms and how to make wine in a winery. You will also get to taste it afterward. 

There is also a restaurant called Vit Cotto Restaurant inside the vineyard with mouthwatering menus that are worth trying. Be reminded that if you’re interested in visiting the vineyard, the site only accepts up to 25 people per tour. Therefore, we recommend booking before visiting.

4. Secret Art Garden

secret art garden khao yai

The Secret Art Garden is another highly recommended destination that is worth your money, especially for those who are artistic, they will fall in love with this site. This garden is a space for art showcases or exhibitions, allowing visitors to enjoy the art and nature in a complementary manner. Besides the artwork, there are spaces for handmade crafts such as painted bags, planting pots, and various hand-crafted objects to take home. 

The graceful environment makes the garden even more charming. With tall shady trees surrounding you, cooling ponds, and flowers ready to give you a refreshing feel. If you feel hungry, there is a Khao Pun Yamo kitchen ready to serve you Thai and Italian dishes. Secure the ticket now and visit one of the relaxing Khao Yai attractions.

5. Toscana Valley Khao Yai

toscana valley and khao yaitoscana valley and khao yai

Let us introduce you to a landmark of Italian countryside-style architecture, the Toscana Valley Khao Yai. There’s a town square with cafes. Italian restaurants, bakeries, and wine bars that are beautifully decorated, perfect for taking pictures. Let’s just say, the town is photogenic from every angle; the atmosphere is very cute and romantic so make sure to bring your partner here.

6. Blossom Bloom Cafe Khao Yai

blossom bloom khao yaiblossom bloom khao yai

Khao Yai cafes have the hearts of young adults. One of the Khao Yai attractions that cafe lovers must visit is the Blossom Bloom Cafe Khao Yai. The cafe is decorated in minimalist styles. Flower beds make the cafe stand out in the middle of the hill giving off an aromatic smell. You’re promised a scene straight out of K-dramas with cool evening air and sunset as your backdrop. This place is a must-visit.

7. Lago Di Khao Yai

lago di khao yailago di khao yai

Let's go chill by the Tonle Sap Lake at a European-style wooden cafe at Lago Di. There is a vast area to hike and walk around for more than 1 kilometer. On the hike, there is a beautiful waterfall, luscious gardens, and shady trees to stop and take pictures. The cafe and restaurant zones are all pine log houses. The atmosphere makes you think you are in a foreign country when in fact,  you’re just in Khao Yai! In terms of food, desserts, and drinks, this place has them all covered. 

8. Trot Cafe

trot cafe khao yaitrot cafe khao yai

Followed up next is the country-styled cafe called Trot Cafe, surrounded by shady canopies of trees providing a perfect atmosphere for relaxation. The cafe is designed to include calming tones and sitting areas that blend in very nicely with nature. Most sitting areas are open-air zones, where you can sit and relax all day.

9. The Blessed Nicholas Bunkerd Kitbamrung Church, Khao Yai

the blessed nicholas khao yaithe blessed nicholas khao yai

This catholic church is very hard to miss. A white Christian monument that stands amidst the greenery is the only catholic church in Khao Yai designed to represent English-style architecture. With gardens surrounding it, it is a must-see sight that is free to enter, but make sure to dress modestly upon visiting. 

10. Khao Yai 30km Viewpoint

view point khao yaiview point khao yai

When visiting Khao Yai attractions, the first viewpoint that you must visit is at KM 30th. At this viewpoint, hikers can see many layers of mountains shrouded by white mist that is very cooling. Take the most beautiful photos, especially at the end of the rainy season and the beginning of winter, scenes everyone visiting Khao Yai must see at least once.

11. Sai Sorn Reservoir

sai sorn khao yaisai sorn khao yai

Whether morning or evening, the Sai Sorn Reservoir offers scenic views that will surely take your worries away. In the morning, there is fog floating above the water's surface dancing with tall trees. In the evening, the most beautiful sunset is displayed. 

Sai Sorn Reservoir is a  great water source for animals living in the area. If you are lucky, you might see a pair of hornbills clinging to the branches. Most tourists often visit the reservoir to take beautiful pictures and enjoy the scenic atmosphere. If you are looking for places to visit in Khao Yai, we cannot recommend the Sai Sorn Reservoir enough.

12. Haew Narok Waterfall

haew narok khao yaihaew narok khao yai

The Haew Narok Waterfall is the largest in Khao Yai National Park. You have to hike about 1 km to reach this hidden gem; a bit tiring but worth it. The waterfall is situated at a medium height but still maintains its magnificence. On the way up, you will be surrounded by trees of lime-green leaves that are a spectacle. 

13. Nong Phak Chi Wildlife Watching Tower

nong pak chi khao yainong pak chi khao yai

Nong Phak Chi Wildlife watching tower is considered a very good viewpoint for animal watching. Visitors can take a 1 km trail to the tower. Wide fields of grass occupy the way up with misty cooling air surrounding you. Those who are in for a nice walk to relax and chill will fall in love with this place. Wildlife photographers will also find this activity enjoyable.

14. Pha Diao Dai Cliff

pa deo die khao yaipa deo die khao yai

The highest and widest viewpoint of Khao Yai has got to be Pha Diao Dai Cliff;  promising you a stunning view of sunsets, and sunrises. It is a viewpoint with a stone courtyard protruding from the cliff offering an interesting spectacle. The cool wind blowing and a fantastic view in front of you can help you reconnect with nature. Make sure to check official sites before visiting because this viewpoint is often closed for natural rehabilitation.

15. Haew Suwat Waterfall

haew suwat khao yaihaew suwat khao yai

Another highlight of Khao Yai places to visit is the Haew Suwat Waterfall. Brace yourself for a breathtaking view of the water display amidst the canopies of trees. Situated at a low altitude, the waterfall stuns visitors each year. There is a trail you can follow along the creek of Lam Ta Khong to reach Haew Suwat-Pha Kluai Mai Waterfall. If you are adventurous, you should not miss this.

16. Ban Tha Chang Spring

nampud tha chang khao yainampud tha chang khao yai

Ban Tha Chang Spring is a naturally emerald-colored spring, the only one in Khao Yai. There are about 4 ponds that layer on top of each other like lotus petals in descending order, built to slow down the naturally strong water current. Visitors can swim and soak in the nice spring at the Ban Tha Chang Spring (except around the water source which can be dangerous). You will be stunned by how crystal clear the water is. The surrounding atmosphere is shady with canopies of trees to cool you down. To maintain the beauty of Nam Phut, don't forget to keep it clean as well.

17. Scenical World

scenical world khao yaiscenical world khao yai

The largest water park in the North-Eastern region that you should not miss is the Scenical World Water Park. After you’ve finished soaking up nature, you can soak up some sun and continue your fun at Scenical World. The park has swimming pools for children and adults, rides, sliders of various sizes, and giant swings that might make you shriek. Each point has an officer to guide you, ensuring strict safety and 100% fun.


Khao Yai tours for your holiday!


Catching a break from work is already as hard as it is; trip planning is even more confusing and time-consuming. How about we do it for you? If you are planning a trip to Khao Yai, we have compiled a list of tours you can take with your family or loved ones without any hassle.

 1. One-day Khao Yai Instagrammable tour from Bangkok

This trip is for those who have little free time but want to relax, go out and see a beautiful view, and take some cute photos to update their socials. Tour the popular photo spots in Khao Yai for 1 day without tiring yourself out with driving. It's an awesome deal.

2. One-day Khao Yai sightseeing and trekking tour from Bangkok

Driving in Khao Yai requires a lot of expertise because of the winding path up and down the hill. For beginner drivers, we recommend this tour package for safety and the ability to travel Khao Yai to the fullest. 

3. Khao Yai Private tour with an English-speaking driver from Bangkok

Pack your bag for an untroubled trip where you can sit back and relax;  save all your energy for all the photo-taking opportunities you’ll have. You will be welcomed by your own private driver and tour guide that will take you from Bangkok to Khao Yai; hassle-free.


Aesthetically pleasing Khao Yai accommodations in 2024


Besides beautiful Khao Yai attractions, Khao Yai is known for its hotel scenes that offer different styles and vibes with amazing views suitable for all types of vacationing. Come alone or bring a friend, family, or loved ones for a slow and chill holiday. Just a short drive from Bangkok, you can lie looking at the mountainous greenery at Khao Yai. Take a look at these beautiful hotels you should choose for your visit.

1. U Khao Yai

 U Khao Yai

Need not fly out of the country for this hotel gives you a feel of the French countryside, quiet and full privacy, complete with various activities for you to enjoy. Various styles and sizes of rooms to choose from, most fitting for families. The rooms are spacious, giving a luxurious vibe, with private balconies you can take in the fresh air. The hotel is surrounded by French-styled gardens, big luscious trees, colorful flowers, a lake, and wide meadows of green grass straight out of a novel. 

2. dusitD2 Khao Yai

dusitD2 Khao Yai

This is a hotel with one of the most beautiful greeneries. The morning view at this hotel is breathtaking, like waking up in a dream surrounded by fog. The evenings are as romantic as ever, with decorated fairy lights and the beautiful cotton candy sky. There is an infinity pool and a mountain view that mimics that of a foreign country. Besides the beautifully designed rooms, you can take a relaxing private bath in your room while looking out at the mountains from a giant glass window. The other highlight of dusitD2 Khao Yai is there are adorable alpacas present on the premises. For those who love barbecuing, you can have Moo Kata (pork barbecue) on the mountain as well. Eating barbecue on the mountain, how better can it get?

3. Roukh Kiri Khao Yai 

 roukh kiri Khao Yai

This barnhouse villa at Khao Yai is the only one of its kind; mimicking that of modern farmhouses to give you the feeling of warmth and homeliness with white and brown interior contrasting the greenery from the mountains. Relax in a private room that is elegantly decorated. Soft white-tone rooms that are spacious, airy, comfortable, and ready to welcome visitors.

4. Thames Valley Khao Yai Hotel  

 Thames Valley Khaoyai Hotel

Come recharge your battery at Thames Valley Khao Yai. There are pool villas, bungalows, and rooms with private bathtubs on the balconies giving you an English architectural vibe. This place fits people who love their privacy. The surroundings are full of lounging areas that are quiet and calming like strolling through the Thames Valley countryside. The hotel has various corners such as photos, restaurants, tea, and desserts. Thames Valley Khao Yai Hotel is pet-friendly, provides a learning area for the kids, and offers many adult activities.

5. Botanica Khao Yai

Botanica Khao Yai

Who would have thought that you can get tropical-style accommodation at Khao Yai but you can. The Botanica Khao Yai is designed for visitors to be one with nature, a spacious environment allowing you to declutter your mind. Airy architecture combined with various botanicals can help heal your heart. In terms of rooms, there are many styles to choose from. Some facilities that come with the hotel include bars and two large swimming pools which you can attend every day.  

It’s no wonder why visitors love Khao Yai. Besides the diverse faunas and floras, there are activities, accommodations, and many Khao Yai attractions to choose from according to your liking. And for those who do not want to plan trips yourselves, but would still love to get the best from Khao Yai, give us a message because Ticket2Attraction has the perfect Khao Yai tour waiting for you.



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Last updated: 05 August 2023

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