Places to go with your family in Phuket 2024 - Ticket2Attraction
Places to go with your family in Phuket 2024 - Ticket2Attraction

Places to go with your family in Phuket 2024

           Phuket Island is the largest island of Thailand with rain season and summer as its main season. Rain season starts from May to November and summer starts from December to April. Summer is the best time (December to April) to visit Phuket 

Phuket consists of 543 square kilometers so only one day is not enough for exploring this beautiful island. Phuket is one of well-known and popular places for Thai and foreigner because of its beauty of natural and man-made resources.   

           Phuket is a must to put on your bucket list if you have free time and want to go get sea breeze with your family. Some of you might picturing ‘Phuket’ in your mind that has only ‘sea-sand-sun’ but apart from these pictures, Phuket has many more than that! Phuket is also a family friendly destination where providing varieties of kid’s activities. So, we would like to recommend 10 non-beach activities that you and your family could experience and spend quality time together during holidays in Phuket.   



Top Water Park in Phuket


Phuket is a well known destination for beaches and islands, but sometime the weather is really unpredictable and that is why you need an alternative plan which we recommend visiting water park in Phuket. There are 3 water parks that are located around Phuket from North to South of the island. How are they different? lets check it out!

Water Park Type Starting Price
Andamanda Family Adult 1200 Baht Child 800 Baht
Splash Jungle Family Adult 750 Baht Child 500 Baht
Blue Tree Phuket Family & Extreme Adult 850 Baht Child 550 Baht


1. Andamanda

The newest and largest water park in Phuket is now open since May 2022. The park was designed with theme of the Andaman sea, especially around Phuket such as Sino-Portuguese architecture and natural beauty of the limestone island of Khao Tapu.


  • Highly themed water park with beautiful decoration and surrounding landscape
  • Unlimited Flow Rider

What make this water park unique?

  • The water park is located close to Phuket town, Patong beach, Kata, Karon and Chalong
  • The water park is featured up to 37 waterslides


2. Splash Jungle

The first water park in Phuket for spending time with your kids and family. Swimming and floating along the stream in water park, increase your adrenaline with Super Bowl and Boomerango. After lost your energy from that, you can buy some foods from small shops there to gain energy back. 


  • Family-friendly waterslides that suit for all of ages

What make this water park unique?

  • The place isn't crowded and not too large for family with small children
  • The water park is located close to Phuket Airport and Mai Khao beach


3. Blue Tree Phuket

The water park for thrill seeker who are looking for adrenaline pump activity which you can find all of them at Blue Tree Phuket.


  • Waterslide that will shoot you through the air
  • Large wave pool at Blue Tree Lagoon

What make this water park unique?

  • Apart from water slides, the park is featured various extreme attractions such as cliff climbing and zipline
  • The water park is located close to Kamala beach, Thaland, Surin beach and Laguna



Other Must-Visited Attractions in Phuket


1. The Phuket Old Town

The Phuket Old Town

Phuket old town is a must-visit for everyone when they come to Phuket because all streets in this area is full of Sino-Portuguese unique architecture buildings that reflects how Phuket was in the past. Phuket was a city of tin mine and this area was a community for workers and traders from many countries both Asian and European gathered and shared their stories. So, because of this reason, many buildings were built in Sino-Portuguese style or called as Chinese Baroque, mixing between Chinese and Portuguese Style. Most buildings in this area, the front will be showed as a lion face – windows are eyes and doors are mouth and inside of the house has an open space for light which is called ‘Chim-Jae’.  

Main activities you can spend with your family here are walking around and taking pictures with fabulous architecture. Not only Sino-Portuguese architecture you will see but also Street Art painting on the wall you should not miss. The Street Art painting were painted by Alex Face, the highlight of painting is in Thalang street (at entrance of Soi Rommanee). You will see Mardy in red turtle shaped.  All streets you must go are Thaland St. Phang Nga St. Yaowarat St. Thepkasattree St.  

Walking around this area takes only 2 hrs and after that we suggest couple local restaurants for you to try the real taste of Thai food at KhunJeed restaurant, recommended menu is noodle with pork in gravy sauce. Second restaurant is ‘Arun Phochanha’, recommended menu is Roti with Thai tea. Both restaurants are affordable and worth to try!  

Lastly, ‘Nang (Sue) 1978’ is also suggested for coffee lover and book lover. Special menu you should try are Bookhemian Iced Coffee and Raspberry with Passion fruit. This cafe in vintage style and decorated with books, who knows, you might be found your favorite book or new to-be-read list here 😊 


  • Taking pictures at Soi Rommanee Thaland St., Phang Nga St., Yaowarat St., Thepkasattree St.  
  • Try taste of Phuket food at KhunJeed restaurant and Arun Phochana restaurant 
  • Take a sip of coffee and beverage at Nang (Sue) 1978 


Know Before You Go 

  • KhunJeed restaurant opens from 9.30 AM daily (except Wednesday), menu starts from 45THB 
  • Arun Phochanha opens from 6.30AM – 5PM daily, menu starts from 35THB 
  • Nang (Sue) 1978 opens from 8.00 AM- 7PM daily (except Wednesday), menu starts from 70THB 


2. Aquaria Phuket 

Aquaria Phuket

Phuket Aquaria is the biggest aquarium in Thailand with 500 species, the aquaria will separate into 9 zones which are; 

  • Mystic Forest: exploring underwater biodiversity with mysterious Himmapan forest 
  • Canopy Walk: walking from the top of branches and exploring freshwater fish around, highlight is Arapaima.  
  • Jewels of the jungles: welcome by variety of reptiles, Tarantula is a must! 
  • The River Caves: You can see the cave that was mocked-up for animals to live, small-clawed otter is our main star of this zone. 
  • Coastal Haven: The mocked-up coastal area, you will see school of sharks also penguin as well! 
  • Stingray Bay: enjoy the habitat of colorful corals with many species of stingray, Cownose Ray is a celeb here!  
  • South China Sea: aka Big tank area, the highlight of aquarium, 500 species underwater living in 3.5 million liters. Zebra shark will be found in this zone. 
  • Station Aqurius: Entertained by species of jellyfish, you can see its cycle from fertilized egg to adult medusa.  

After finished walking around the aquaria, you will see Trick Eye Museum, this is will be your next place, you need to download an application first. Then, you can find your angle to take a shot! That’s it!! 


  • Tarantula 
  • Penguin 
  • Zebra shark 
  • Cownose Rays 
  • Nice shot at Trick Eye Museum 

Know Before You Go 

  • Phuket Aquaria and Trick Eye Museum opens daily from 11.00 AM – 6.00 PM 
  • Price starts from 100THB 

📍Link for Aquaria and Phuket Trick Eye Museum click here

📍Location click here


3. KanEang@pier restaurant 

KanEang Restaurant   

Kan Eang @pier restaurant is opened almost 50 years, in the past only 6 tables were available. Because of its location (at Chalong pier) so all ingredients are fresh from the sea. Nowadays, this restaurant becomes bigger and serves with several menus. A food you need to try when you are here are ‘Bua Tod’, ‘Hor Mok’, ‘Keng Taipla’ and ‘Stir fried prawns with bitter nuts’ and Tiger prawns sashimi. 


Hor Mok is steamed curry fish mousse wrapped in banana leaf parcel 

Bua Tod is batter fried fresh water weed with shrimps 

Keng Taipla is local spicy curry with smoked grilled fish and vegetable 

The location of restaurant is appropriate for family to sit and have a conversation together. Chilling atmosphere with Chalong bay. Only 20 mins to Coral island, so this pier is used for departing to do one day trip to Koh Hey (known as Hey island). Hey island has two main sides: Nikorn side and Banana Beach side. Banana Beachside is more recommend because of it is more quiet and more private than Nikorn side. Also various of water activities such as sea walking, parasailing, diving, banana boat and snorkeling. Koh Hey one day trip is a good choice for anyone who are looking for chilling beach to stay with your family. Koh Hey click here

📌Things to try 

  • Bua Tod 
  • Hor Mok 
  • Tiger prawn Sashimi
  • Keng Taipla 

Know Before You Go 

  • The restaurant opens daily from 11AM – 10PM, menu starts from 35THB 


4. Dolphin Bay Show

Dolphins Bay Show Phuket

Raise your hands if you love a friendly dolphin! Only 30 minutes from Chalong pier to dolphin show. All animals here are well-treated by their trainer. When all are happy with their life, they will enjoy playing and showing us a new talent! For example, jumping around their trainers, painting, and swimming around.   


-take a picture with dolphin and sea seal 

-swimming with dolphin 

Know Before You Go 

  • Dolphin show opens daily with 2 time of the shows which are on 11 AM and 2PM, ticket starts at 199THB 

📍Link of Dolphin Show click here

📍Location click here


5. PhutthamingmongkolEaknakakiri or Big Buddha  

Big Buddha

          Big Buddha is the tallest buddha statue in Phuket, with 45 meters height and made by white marble 145 tons from Myanmar. This big buddha was built in 2002 until nowadays with donation from local people and tourists when they visit and pay respect there. Besides paying respect and making merit to the statue, you can take a selfie with panoramic view where you can whole area of Chalong pier and move a bit to other staircases you will see Kata bay and Kata Noi bay (FYI – Be careful of monkeys, do not touch them or feed them).  


  1. paying respect to the big buddha
  2. taking a photo with panoramic view

Know Before You Go  

- big buddha is opened daily from 07.30 AM – 5.30 PM 

-Avoid sleeveless and pants 

-do not touch monkeys if you see them 


6. PromthepCape 

Watching sunset at Promthep Cape is one of Must-Do activity when you are in Phuket. Promthep cape is located at the south of Phuket. You can enjoy taking pictures of other nearby islands and crystal-clear water underneath while the sun is having set. If you have energy left, you also can walk down by following the path to the end of Promthep cape to see the sunset closer with your own eyes.  

📍Link of Promthep Cape click here 


  • Take a picture with sunset 

Know Before You Go 

  • It opens daily without any entrance fee 


7. BaanTeelanka (Upside Down House) 

Upside Down House

Baan Teelanka is a fun and enjoyable place for family to take cool pictures with everything upside down and the mazed garden outside.  Baan Teelanka is not that big (1000 square meters) but it will be worth for every meters you visit!  


  • The upside-down house 
  • The mazed garden 

Know Before You Go 

  • It opends daily from 10AM – 6PM 
  • Price starts from 109THB 

📍Baan Teelangka please book at here


8. Sang Kasi restaurant

Sang kasi Restaurant

15 minutes from Baan Teelanka, you will arrive at another local restaurant which is called ‘Sang Kasi restaurant’. This restaurant is located opposite with Krungthep hospital, Sam Kong area in Phuket town. The medium size of restaurant but the quality of every dish is priceless and with affordable, so this restaurant is full of visitors. Realness of taste, local food such as salt roasted pork, crab coconut curry and tamarind soup with fish and coconut shoot are recommended! 

Know Before You Go 

  • Sang Kasi is opened everyday 9AM-9PM, except Monday 
  • Price starts at 80THB 



9. Mai Khao beach

Mai khao Beach

A famous instagramable spot for watching and taking a picture during planes landing and taking-off from Phuket International Airport. Apart from watching planes, you can see unspoiled natural resources there because Mai Khaoi beach is a place for leatherback sea turtle use as their place for spawning.  


  • Selfie with planes and white sand beach 

Know Before You Go 

  • Do not litter on the beach 
  • Should avoid swimming because Mai Khao beach is deep 
  • There is a local carrier bikes will take you to the photo spot (20THB for fee) 

📍Location :


10. Hanuman World

Hanuman World

Hanuman World, the famous site for adventurous lover, with 30 platforms that have been waiting for your visit. Also, the first Skywalk in Southern part of Thailand, a place for nice photoshoot. Now it’s time for real excitement, Roller Zipline with 1 kilometer (3 mins flying!). An excellent way to spend time as a family doing something completely different with maintained highest international safety standards. Spending time at Hanuman World will make your day valuable and unforgettable with discovering beauty of rainforest underneath your feet!


  • 1 km. roller zipline
  • Take a shot at skywalk

Know Before You Go

  • Opens daily from 8 AM – 5PM
  • Dress code: Comfort shirt, short pants, sneakers
  • Price starts from 199THB

📍Hanuman World please book at here


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