5 Freediving schools in Ko Tao - Ticket2Attraction
5 Freediving schools in Ko Tao - Ticket2Attraction

5 Freediving Schools in Ko Tao

Some of you may heard about ‘Freediving’, it's a new way of underwater diving which is unique from scuba diving. It's a deep-water diving which not require oxygen tank or any support equipment except mask and fins.

To do freediving, you must learn from the certified professional diving instructors. Ko Tao has many world's class diving schools which you can learn freediving and explore the beautiful underwater world in just a couple of days. We have listed 5 best  freediving schools in Ko Tao you should know before planning to visit and learn how to freediving.


1. Big Bubble Diving


Big Bubble is a famous diving school among local diver's community. It has high reputation for a good learning experience and its location is close to the sea. Once finish the lecture, you can walk to the sea nearby.

Website: Big Bubble Diving
Tel - (+66)77 456 669

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/4wCp2aXJPoCo9cRT8


2. IDC Koh Tao


IDC Koh Tao is a popular diving school for foreign travelers. The instructors are highly skilled and guarantee by Koh Tao's Award Winning Dive Centre

Website: IDC Koh Tao
Tel - (+66)89 062 6563

Map: https://g.page/idckohtao-in-thailand?share


3. Crystal Freediving


Crystal Freediving established by Mr. Sergey, who loves Thailand's sea very much, so he decides to live and open the diving school in Ko Tao. Mr. Sergey believe that freediving is more than just holding your breath underwater, it's required many techniques and skills which you can learn from Crytal Freediving.

Website: Crystal Freediving
Tel – (+66)85 789 6274

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/nVzWQnT2U4C4hpdq6


4. Apnea Total


First freediving school in South East Asia, establish since 2003 with many branches around the world and more than 17,000 divers graduated from Apnea Total. The course is available in both Thai and English language.

Website: Apnea Total
Tel - (+66)84 878-6269

Map: https://g.page/ApneaTotal?share


5. Big Blue Freediving


Big Blue Freediving is one of the first diving school in Ko Tao, located at Sairee beach. It's established by the team of professional diver, guarantee by South American Champion Flavia Eberhard and Spanish Champion Pepe Arcos 2012

Website: Big Blue Freediving
Tel - 077 456 050

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/u3NkpHwzzrjcNXQt7

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