Recommendation for Chiangmai Attractions: Where to visit in Chiangmai
Recommendation for Chiangmai Attractions: Where to visit in Chiangmai

Chiang Mai Attractions

Where to visit in Chiang Mai ?

After COVID-19, many of you are planning a trip in Thailand, right? ✨ The popular province in Thailand that you should looking for is Chiang Mai! A charming province located in the Northern Thailand. A home of traditional and unique culture, art, food and language. Local people are very nice and love to welcome all guests from around the world. There are many places with different style of traveling to choose from. If you are foodie, this is a must visit place you should put in your list as there are plenty of unique local dishes you can't find anywhere else. For those who loves history, Chiang Mai is an old capital city of Lanna Kingdom, there are many ancient ruin and temples awaiting for you to explore. Lastly, Chiang Mai is a popular destination during winter. The weather is good for Thai people as normally we have facing hot weather all the year and it's a place where we can chill in the cold wind on the mountain. Due to the beautiful nature and scenery, there are a lot of outdoor activities to do such as in the woods, Chiang Mai waterpark and many that suit for those adventure seekers too. It can be said that it's there are everything to do all in one province. The end of the last time. The weather year is good.

If you want to buy an attraction's ticket, think about #Ticket2Attraction. Today we have a list of interesting attractions in Chiang Mai. They are suit for traveling with family, friends and couples. Let's see now. ✨ 


Chiang Mai Night Safari


Popular landmark where you can getting close to wild animals more that 50 species. The night time is when animals are more active, so you have more chance to see animals behavior with your two eyes. The tram tour will be separate in to 2 zones. Savanna Safari is the first zone where all friendly animals such as zebra, giraffe, kangaroo can get close and interact with the guests. The next zone is Predator Prowl, where the carnivores are hunting in the dark. The animals you will see are tiger, lion, crocodiles etc. Also, there is walking zone around the lake "Jaguar Trail" where you can explore the animals by yourself. Trust me, you will see a lot of rare animal you never seen before.

If all 3 zone isn't enough, there are other activity to do during night time after 18.30 hrs. such as Night Predator Show, Tiger Show and Dancing Show. Buy ticket, pack your camera and go to Chiang Mai night safari now!

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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Chiang Mai

Let's see elephants in Chiang Mai at  the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, The best elephant conservation center in Chiang Mai. Experience the lovely elephants up close and see its daily natural habit. Enjoy amazing activity such as feeding, mud bath and shower on the river with elephants. More information and online booking. Click now at 

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Balloon Adventure Chiang Mai


Once in a life experience of riding in the giant hot air balloon on the air. See a panoramic 360 degrees view of the surrounding mountain and clouds. You will get the unique photo opportunity which you can't find any where else in Thailand. No matter how many people you have, you can come with family, with the gang or with your love one, you will not be disappointed.

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Pongyang Adventure Park

Traveling to Chiang Mai to be excited. We recommend Thailand's first Jungle Coaster at Pongyang Adventure Park. Take everyone to slide on a 800 meter long rail track surrounded by the green jungle. The first hundred meters are okay but when it's 6-7 hundred meter, there's definitely more excitement. If Jungle Coaster doesn't have enough fun for you, you should go for the zipline which challenge those who doesn't fear the height. Also there are other activity you can play such as quick jump and bicycle on sling.

Who are looking for the excitement? The jungle coaster is waiting for you to prove your courage at Pongyang Adventure Park. More info or online booking. Click at

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Suan Na Flower Field


There is one place we want you to visit for once. The beautiful flower field surrounded by rice paddy. With many photo spots like a long and high-rise white footstep where everyone went up to take a photo on the top. The sky will be beautiful in the evening. Those photographer and instagrammer will definitely love it place.

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Khantoke Dinner at Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center

A place that we want to invite everyone see and learn Lanna culture at Old Chiang Mai cultural center. Experience Lanna food and performance by enjoy  Khantoke dinner while sitting on the floor and watching 9 set of traditional shows. There are 3 options of Khantoke: Regular, Halal and Vegetarian. For more information and online booking, click here

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Grand Canyon Chiang Mai waterpark

Chiang Mai waterparkChiang Mai Waterpark

If you're the active type, you're gonna love the Grand Canyon Chiang Mai waterpark that is considered the most beautiful water park in Thailand. With various adventure zones to play at surrounded by grand canyon-like decorations to make you feel like you are in the middle of the desert. Huge sliders and ziplines that will guarantee you an exciting day, suitable for visitors of all age. For interest in online booking, click here Book a ticket to Grand Canyon Chiang Mai Waterpark 

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Tube Trek Chiang Mai Waterpark

Chiang Mai WaterparkChiang Mai Waterpark

Thailand heat can be unbelievable especially in the summer. Go relax by the pool and enjoy tubing at Tube Trek Chiang Mai Waterpark. You will find yourself enjoying a wide range of activities like massive waves, drifting on expansive river waterway, complete with various shops and stall to keep you satisfy all day. Be noted that the Chiang Mai waterpark is closed from November to January. Interest in visiting this Chiang Mai waterpark, please make a booking: Tube Trek Chiang Mai Waterpark.

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                Chiang Mai is a province located in the North of Thailand. It is the country’s second largest province, flourished with wealthy Thai tradition and indigenous culture. Chiang Mai features wide-ranging sorts of attractions, including nature attractions, shopping streets, historical sites, etc. The majority of them are cultural-themed and nature ones, reflecting Thailand uniqueness. Apart from its variety of attractions, Chiang Mai houses a plenty of accommodations, ranging from five-star hotels, resorts, to home-stays. Accordingly, Chiang Mai has attracted a large number of tourists, especially foreigners.


How to get to and travel around Chiang Mai

                To make a trip to Chiang mai, there are a few means of transportation. First of all, the most convenient way is travel by plane. There are over 45 Bangkok to Chiang Mai flights per day from several airlines. The flight duration is approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes. The distance between the two cities is around 582 km. The average flight cost is start from 1,300 Baht (Return ticket). For more information, please go to websites below:


  1. Thai Airways:
  2. Bangkok Airways:
  3. Thai Smile Air:
  4. Thai Air Asia:
  5. Nok Air:
  6. Thai Lion Air:
  7. Thai Vietjet Air:

The second method is to take a bus. The bus provider we suggest is Mo Chit Station, which offers Bangkok to Chiang Mai bus tickets more than 10 rounds per day. The cost of bus ticket is 500 Baht on average for one-way tickets. The duration of the bus trip takes around 9-10 hours.

The another popular method is by overnight train. There are 5 trains leaving from Bangkok Station everyday. If you want a new clean and comfort air condition sleeper train, we recommended the No.9 train leaving at 6.10 pm. The duration takes around 11-12 hours

                To explore around Chiang mai, you can take a local transport and Tuk-tuk. Chiang mai’s local transport is a red pick-up (locally known as "Rot Dang"). The average fare is around 20-100 Baht per person, depending on the traveled distance and negotiate between passengers and driver. Typically, pick-up drivers can speak a little bit of English. For Tuk-tuk – non-air-conditioned, three-wheeled taxi (private transport), the rate starts at 60 Baht and rises up to 200 Baht at night. Most Tuk-tuk drivers speak good English.

                 Moreover, "RTC Chiang Mai city bus" is the only air-conditioned bus service which operated around Chiang Mai city. It's very convenient for traveler because you can check the bus location via mobile application "Via Bus". Travel fare is 30 Baht per person. You can check timetable and routes from this link.


Recommendation for Chiang Mai Attractions 

                Chiang mai is composed of a myriad of tourist attractions which can be separated into 4 kinds: nature destinations, temples and cultural sites, shopping venues, and adventure spots.

                Chiang mai is one of the most striking and top-rated nature destinations in Thailand. If you are a true nature explorer, visiting Chiang mai is a must! Doi Inthanon National Park features the highest mountain in Thailand, also known as the Roof of Thailand. It is where you can get yourself immersed in a cold weather during winter season while exploring the mountain with 1,850 meters of prominence. Another relaxing place with stunning view of nature is Doi Ang Khang National Park serving as a site for planting and researching flowering plants, temperate fruit trees, vegetables and other crops. From October to February, a visit to Mon Cham is recommended. Mon Cham impresses you with breathtaking views of lush mountains surrounding it as well as extremely pleasant weather up there. Who says Cherry Blossom can be discovered only at Japan? They are absolutely wrong! Khun Chang Khian houses Thailand’s Sakura, allowing you to experience Cherry Blossom, called Nang Phaya Suekrong in Thai language. The best time to see Sakura is from January to February. During this time, Khun Chang Khian is covered with the blooming of pinkish Cherry Blossom. Furthermore, Pha Chor is one of the must-visit destinations, featuring a huge rocky cliff with the height of 30 meters. Beside these attractions, other worth-visiting nature destinations in Chiangmai consist of Chiang Dao Caves, Maesa Waterfall, San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, etc.


                Apart from the excellent reputation for its nature destinations, Chiang mai is also Thailand’s leading attraction for historical and cultural sites. Owing to its long-established history and prosperity in the past, the province is flourished with a huge number of beautiful temples. A must-see one is Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, one of the most visited and sacred temples in Northern Thailand. Located on top of a hill, the temple impresses you with beautiful golden pagoda (Chedi) and awe-inspiring views of Chiang mai city below, as well. Another interesting attraction is Wiang Kum Kam, ancient site with historical ruins along the Ping River. Beside historical sites and temples, some attractions also represent Northern Thai cultures. For instance, Old Chiangmai Khantoke Dinner showcases the precious traditional Northern Thailand – Lanna – culture through various kinds of dance, such as Fingernails Dance, Swords Dance, and Thai Lue Dance. You are enabled to have a savory meal served in a pedestal tray while watching the shows. In Chiang mai, you does not only learn Thai-Lanna cultures, but you are also allowed to witness long-necked Karens at Baan Tong Luang Hill Tribe Village! This peaceful agricultural hill is where different tribe people settle and where you can learn their lifestyle along with their unique cultures.


                After exploring around Chiang mai all day long, let’s get relaxed at some shopping venues at night. There is no way to not mention night markets once you take a trip to Chiang mai. On weekends, there are a plenty of street markets held around the city. Claimed to be the most famous walking street of all, Wualai Walking Street provides visitors with handicraft, earthenware, Thai local food, and traditional performance. If you are looking for unique souvenirs, pay a visit to Tha Pae Walking Street. Situated on Ratchdamnoen Road, this market is also famous for its handwork products with affordable prices. In addition, you can go for a chilly stroll at Chiang mai Night Bazaar, which encompasses miscellaneous, low-priced goods, such as apparels, shoes, bags, and local products. When it comes to a rather late night, a great place to go is Nimmanhaemin Road. Similar to Bangkok’s Sukhumwit Road, Nimmanhaemin is an awesome venue for nightlife lovers. Night clubs, bars, and a huge variety of food are along this Road. Near Nimmanhaemin is Maya Lifestyle Shopping Center – a brand-new mall housing both Thai and international brand-name stores, restaurants along with entertainment complex.

                Situated in the environment of mountains, Chiang mai houses a lot of attractions which serve exciting adventure. Let’s get started with elephant riding at Maesa Elephant Camp Chiang mai. Housing a number of adorable elephants, the camp represents the cuteness of elephants' lives and offers various elephant-related activities, ranging from elephant riding, elephant training, elephant bathing, elephant painting, to well-trained elephants’ shows. Next, let’s go high and fly through the midst of lush forest at Flight of The Gibbon. Featuring the longest single zipline in Asia, this place will provide you with the greatest zipline course, which gets up to 50 meters high and 800 meters long. Anyone can fly with Flight of the Gibbon. Another adventure-filled destination is Grand Canyon Hangdong. The famous Grand Canyon is now in Chiang mai! Beside its 20-meter deep canyon together with beautiful natural lagoon that has visitors in awe, this place offers extreme adventure through attractions, enabling you all to have fun with jumping off the cliff into the large lagoon. If you do not get enough of adventure during the day, let’s visit Chiang mai Night Safari. Grab a good chance to explore nocturnal animals’ life. Furthermore, get stunned with various animal shows and enjoy many more attractions, such as feeding giraffes and Digital Zoo.

                Chiang mai does not only provide visitors with those attractions previously mentioned, but there is also an abundance of worth-visiting destinations. For art lovers, Art in Paradise is highly recommended. Inside this three-dimensional art museum are awesome pieces of artwork that allow you to enjoy taking your own creative photographs. For those who wonder why Thai dishes are very scrumptious, let's find out the hidden secret recipe at Baan Hongnual Cookery School! This place gives you a great opportunity to cook foreigners’ favorite Thai dishes, like Gai Pad Med Mamuang, Panaeng, and Pad Thai. Next, let’s get very close to nature of Mae Rim at Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens, which houses Glasshouse Complex displaying numerous species of plants. Inside the Gardens is another highlight – Canopy Walkway. Regarded as the longest walkway in Thailand, this walkway – made of fiberglass, glass and steel – will amaze you with breathtaking views of the abundant jungle below and also on both sides of the walkway. 

                If you are looking for a trip to a place where you can discover precious northern Thai cultures along with rich nature, Chiang mai is the place! Filled with the wealth of Lanna traditions together with indigenous cultures, Chiang mai enables you to get an extremely deep insight into the cultures through various cultural destinations. With a trip to Chiang mai, you are enabled to get immensely relaxed with its luxuriance of nature together with cold weather. Apart from these highlights, the city offers lots of holiday destinations – shopping streets and adventure spots – suitable for all with any ages and genders. Let Chiang mai trip become one of your memorable travel experiences. 


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