Koh Lipe Travel Guide 2024 - Ticket2Attraction
Koh Lipe Travel Guide 2024 - Ticket2Attraction

Discover Koh Lipe : The Paradise of soft coral field

Koh Lipe or Lipe Island, a small island with 3 sq.km. on the south of Adang island, Satun province. The island is 85 kilometers from Satun. ‘Lipe’ is from Melayu ‘Ni Pis’ means ‘flat’. Koh Lipe has no mountain and look like a boomerang. You can walk around the island, no need to rent a motorbike. In case you want to grab a motorbike, it costs 50 THB to any corner of the island. Koh Lipe has 3 main beaches which are Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach and Ban Da Ya (aka Pattaya beach) Beach. The highlight of Koh Lipe is crystal clear water and idyllic spots for snorkeling and diving. Best time to be here is from November to mid-May. Additionally, be more careful, all snorkel spots around Koh Lipe will be closed every year on May 16th until October 15th.


Traveling to Koh Lipe


✈️ By Airplane

Leaving from Bangkok It’s the fastest way, flights leaving from Suvarnabhumi Intl airport or Don Mueang airport are available. However, you need to be landed at Hat Yai intl airport first and then take a bus to Pak Bara pier because Satun province has no its own airport. The flight will take 1.25 hrs. and 1 more hour to the pier. There is 2 times of a van from airport to the pier, 9:30 am and 11:30 am. After that, get on speedboat for 1.30 hr to Koh Lipe. Click to book a ticket for van and speedboat from Hat Yai airport to Koh Lipe


Let’s see an available date for the ticket and see which airlines fly to Hat Yai airport as below;

Don Mueang Airport

Thai Lion Air
- Thai Air Asia
- Nok Air
Thai Vietjet Air

Suvarnabhumi Airport

- Thai Airways
- Bangkok Airways
- Thai Smile Airways


🚌 By Bus

Leaving from Bangkok This will take around 15 hours, you need to get on a bus at Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal (Borommaratchachonnani Rd.) and continue get a speedboat to Koh Lipe after. There are many bus companies from BKK to Satun (direct bus) which are; Khon Song 999 ltd., Tel. 1490 Website http://www.transport.co.th/ Sri Suthep Tour ltd., Tel. 02-894-6167,02-894-6166 Website https://e-busticket.com/


🚆 By Train

Leaving from Bangkok You also need to buy a train ticket to drop-off at Hat Yai train station because Satun has its own train station. You can book ticket of Bangkok – Yala or Bangkok-Hat Yai route, 14 hours is your journey time from BKK to Hat Yai and then take a boat to Koh Lipe later. So, you need to make sure that you don’t have time condition.


🛳 By Boat

Leaving from Pak Bara pier (Satun)
Most speedboat will depart from this pier to Koh Lipe, 1.30 hr to the island. The boat will stop at Koh Khai and Koh Tarutao on the way for taking a walk and exploring around.


Leaving from Langkawi (Malaysia)
There is only 1 service time per day which is on 11.30 am, takes around 2 hours. Boat will depart from Kuah Jetty pier. Check for more detail and book a ferry ticket between Koh Lipe and Langkawi


Must-Visit and Must-Do points


1. Watching sunrise at Sunrise Beach

Sunrise beach is extremely popular for tourists to watch sunrise, there are 2 small islands in the front of this beach which are Koh Kra and Koh Usen. There are several restaurants, bars and the walking street.


2. Watching sunset at Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach or Pramong beach is a small beach for watching sunset. From this beach you will see Koh Adang and Koh Rawi in the distance. Sunset beach is quieter than Bandaya beach and Sunrise beach. The must-go place here is Zodiac See Sun Bar, a unique bar and restaurant for you to take a sip of beer while watching sunset.


3. Exploring the Walking Street

The only one walking street on Koh Lipe where you can buy and see lot of restaurants. Most restaurants sell fresh seafood and bars at the end of street. Walking pass and see how the nightlife on this island would be!


4. Koh Khai

A tiny island on the way to Koh Lipe. This island is famous for couple because it has natural stone arched which is called ‘Eternity Arched’. So, legend says if couple hold their hands and walk pass the arched, their love will be forever.


5. Hin Ngam island

The island is full of black shiny rocks and forest is in the middle. Although other islands are famous for their white sand beach, Ko Hin Ngam is still the most outstanding island with no sand in Satun province also it is the only one black shiny rocks island in ASEAN.


6. Snorkeling at nearby islands

Snorkeling around Koh Lipe need to be on your bucket list when you are here! Well known islands for snorkeling are Koh Adang, Koh Yao, Koh Hin Sorn, Koh Dong etc. Most islands are full of several species of corals for example staghorn coral, brain coral, colorful soft coral etc.


7. Scuba diving and freediving at Jabang Pinnacle

Jabang is a large, submerged pinnacle that stretches down before reaching the sandy bottom. It is surrounded by a scattering of smaller pinnacles and is near to Koh Adang and Koh Rawi. This pinnacle coming up to 3m/9ft of the surface from the maximum depth of about 30m/98ft. You are going to see hard coral patches, barrel sponges, crinoids, gorgeous green tree corals, and a thick carpet of purple, red, pink, and yellow soft corals covering granite rocks.

Interesting Tickets

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