Bangkok Best Day Tours and Things to Do in 2024 | Ticket2Attraction
Bangkok Best Day Tours and Things to Do in 2024 | Ticket2Attraction

Bangkok City Tours and One-Day Trips from Bangkok

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There’s no denying that first visits to Bangkok can be overwhelming, especially with so many sights to see and things to do. Going on a guided tour to Bangkok City helps you get easily acquainted with the golden city, its many unspoken traditions, and hidden spots that you will miss when exploring on your own.

Find in this article 8 Bangkok City Tours and 10 organized trips you can take in one day from Bangkok.



One-day Bangkok city tours
         Sightseeing Tour
         Food and Culture Tour

One-day trips from Bangkok
        Khao Yai tour
        Nakhon Nayok tour
        Ayutthaya tour
        Damnoen Saduak tour
        Pattaya tour
        Kanchanaburi tour


One-day Bangkok City Tours

Bangkok city tours

First-time visitors to Bangkok can find plenty of guided tours in the city with their own unique highlighted locations and activities. From a hidden backstreet tour to a half-day canal discovery tour, joining one is a great way to get to know this city intimately. 

⛩ Sightseeing tour

Thai people place great emphasis on luck and prosperity and crossing over to the new year is the perfect time for a startover. We believe in cleansing ourselves, and our environment of last year’s bad luck and welcome the new year with a clean slate.

Families can be seen cleaning their houses and partaking in various traditional and religious ceremonies for blessing. Water is the main theme of Thai Songkran, after all, it is referred to as The Songkran Water Festival. Here are some of the ways you will find the locals doing to celebrate the Songkran Holiday.

1. Hop-on Hop-off the Elephant go-go Bangkok Sightseeing Bus

Hop on the Elephant Go-Go Sightseeing bus that takes you around the city center passing by 15 popular tourist spots allowing you to hop on and off whenever you desire, taking your time to explore various locations such as China Town, Loha Prasart, Wat Pho, Wat Arun, and IconSiam.


  • Sightsee Bangkok at your own pace. 
  • One day pass the sightseeing bus to iconic spots in Bangkok.

Starting price: 750 THB

One-day Bangkok City TourBangkok one-day city tour on elephant go go bus 

2. Canal tour in Bangkok By Longtail Boat

Bangkok City housed one of the most intricate canals and waterways of old cities in Asia serving as important arteries to Thai, Chinese, and Malay communities across the city. A longtail boat tour along these canals gets you a front-row seat to how the locals operate beyond the skyscrapers, sky trains, and luxury malls.


  • A cooling and laid-back cruise.
  • Witness the local’s way of living for one day.

Starting price: 800 THB

Bangkok canal tourBangkok city canal tour with buddha statue

3. Bangkok Instagrammable Private Temple Tour with Thai Costume

Great for those looking to take home plenty of photographs in the Thai capital, visitors can join a Bangkok temple tour with included Thai costume rentals to snap some photographs of the Traditional architecture of the temples.


  • An English-speaking tour guide walks you through the history of each temple.
  • Roundtrip transfer from hotels

Starting price: 3,600 THB

Bangkok temple tour with traditional costumeBangkok temple tour with traditional costume

4. Joined the Walking Tour of Bangkok Temples

Highly recommended for those looking to experience Thai history and culture, joining a Bangkok temple walking tour is a great way to immerse in the dazzling Thai architecture and stories. Since all of the sights are situated close to each other, a visit to one of them is worth a visit to all by joining a walking tour of Bangkok temples.


  • Visit The Royal Palace, Wat Arun, and Wat Pho famous for the reclining statue of Buddha.
  • Tour the royal palace, a current residence of the Royal Family.

Starting price: 1,850 THB

Bangkok temple walking tour with a woman taking picturesReclining buddha on temple walking tour

5. Bangkok Bicycle Tour

Another way to take in the sights, culture, and traditions of Thailand is to embark on bicycle tours in Bangkok that take you to hidden backstreets of Bangkok where you can witness the local way of living through unfiltered lenses.


Starting price: 1,300 THB

Bicycle parked at Bang Kachao on Bicycle tour BangkokBiking in Bangkok 


🍜 Food and Culture Tour 

6. Joined Tuk-tuk midnight street food tour:

Take a ride on the capital’s most iconic mode of transportation, the Tuk Tuk, and hop from one food vendor to the next passing by classic Bangkok attractions, occasionally stopping for photographs.


  • Enjoy 7+ dishes and drinks
  • Wind down at a bar at the end of the night

Starting price: 2,245 THB

Tuk tuk parked in China Town for Bangkok tuk tuk toura tourist enjoying food at china town 

Book a private tuk-tuk midnight food tour with only 500 THB difference


7. Bangkok bustaurant food bus tour

Combining culinary excellence with exquisite sights, the Bangkok Bustaurant Food Bus Tour remains one of the top dining experiences for visitors to Bangkok City. 


  • Enjoy 8 courses set lunch or dinner
  • Live tour guide introducing you to over 20 historical buildings as you pass them by.

Starting price: 1,690 THB

Bangkok food bus tour bangkok bustaurantBangkok food bus tour by bangkok bustaurant 

8. Historic food tasting and culture tour

Join a walking tour with a friendly tour guide, who is exceptional at presenting you with the best eating spots and introducing you to the taste-exploding world of Thai cuisine


  • Eat from family-owned vendors and restaurants adorned by the locals.
  • Enjoy 12+ dishes in 3.5 hours.
  • Stopping at a Buddhist temple to learn about the history.

Starting price: 1,900 THB

Food and history tour in Bangkok with guided tourFood and history tour in Bangkok with guided tour 


One-day Trips from Bangkok


One-day tours from Bangkok map

Those already familiar with Bangkok or want to get a local, and rustic feel of the countryside, we highly recommend taking a Bangkok day trip to the surrounding provinces for a relaxing weekend from Bangkok. 

Listed are some of the organized trips and tours from Bangkok you can take and return in one day.


🍃 Khao Yai Tours

Khao Yai is renowned for its rainforest that is inviting all year round, lush with fauna and floras, and offering visitors a relaxing kaleidoscope of breathtaking sceneries you would not have to travel far to see. Joining a one-day trip from Bangkok to Khao Yai is a great way to rest up and soak in the natural medicinal power of the mountains, cafes, and foggy landscapes.

1. Hike Khao Yai and waterfalls on a tour from Bangkok

Nothing beats an escape from Bangkok to Khao Yai National Park. Embark on a mental battery recharge by hiking the luscious trails and sightsee various birds and plants on a Khao Yai one-day hiking tour from Bangkok.


  • Be accompanied by a tour guide who is familiar with Khao Yai Park trails
  • Travel by a comfortable air-conditioned van from hotels or accommodations in Bangkok
  • Visit the Haew Suwat Waterfall, famously featured in the movie “The Beach”

Starting price: 4,000 THB

Khao yai hiking day trip from BangkokKhao Yai waterfall hike from Bangkok 

2. Khao Yai Private Instagrammable tour

However, if exploring Khao Yai Tom-Raider-style is not your cup of tea, consider a private picturesque tour of Khao from Bangkok instead. The mountains and fogs as your backdrop, walk through the vineyard, taste local wines, feed sheep and of course, can’t forget to take some Instagram-worthy pictures.


  • Wine tasting tour at Khao Yai winery
  • Enjoy delicious Thai-western fusion dishes at the Great Hornbill Restaurant
  • Walk through Primo Piazza, a town inspired by Tuscany villages with sheep, alpacas, cafes, and restaurants.

Starting price: 4,600 THB

Khao Yai instagrammable tour from Bangkok touring vineyardKhao Yai instagrammable tour from Bangkok touring italian town

🍃 Nakhon Nayok

Another province with impeccable green sceneries, mountains, and fruit plantations is Nakhon Nayok, not often mentioned by foreign visitors and is still considered a hidden gem among the locals. A day trip to Nakhon Nayok from Bangkok promises a relaxing drive past mountains, rice paddies, and villagers’ houses.

3. Nakhon Nayok cooking and farming tour

Join a cooking, and farming experience departing from Bangkok to the countryside of Nakhon Nayok. This trip from Bangkok guarantees a breath of fresh air with sights, and workshops that will get you closer to the traditional life and agriculture of Thai people.


  • Visit a local market, and fruit plantations
  • Join a cooking class preparing 5 dishes
  • Earn about Thai rice farming techniques with a hands-on demonstration
  • Join a fabric printing workshop

Starting price: 3,850 THB

Nakhon nayok cooking and farming workshop from BangkokNakhon nayok cooking and farming workshop from Bangkok

🍃 Ayutthaya

A day trip from Bangkok to Ayutthaya is easily the go-to tour for many reasons. The province is home to the ancient Ayutthaya City, and over 40 temples making an Ayutthaya day trip from Bangkok an exciting journey for history fanatics.

4. Ayutthaya joined-trip from Bangkok and return by cruise

Journey back in time to 14th century Thailand through the ruins of one of the biggest kingdoms in Southeast Asia at the time. Start your journey in Bangkok by a coach bus to Ayutthaya and return with a relaxing cruise on the Chao Phraya Cruise passing by waterfront communities.


  • Cooling air-conditioned coach bus ride from Bangkok.
  • Visit the 4 important temples of the Ayutthaya period.
  • Board the Grand Pearl Cruise and return back to Bangkok.
  • Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch aboard the cruise ship.

Starting price: 1,850 THB

Ayutthaya trip from Bangkok visiting templesCruise trip from Bangkok to Ayutthaya 

5. Sri Ayutthaya Lion Park private from Bangkok

Perfect for families with little children, a visit to the Sri Ayutthaya Lion Park is an experience that is unforgettable for your young ones with a chance to see lions, zebras, giraffes, capybaras, and many other animals.


  • Take a private vehicle with a chauffeur and arrive at Sriayuthaya Lion Park in comfort.
  • Make friends with and be enchanted by adorable lion cubs.
  • Sitting in a jeep, take pictures with the giraffes in the park.
  • Play with small goats, pigs, and capybaras. 

Starting price: 4,150 THB

Syiayutthaya lion park tour from BangkokSriayutthaya lion park with jeep photoshoot from Bangkok 

🍃 Damnoen Saduak floating market

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market is on many visitor’s lists when visiting Bangkok and it is deserving of its position. It’s a great way to get out of the city and see one of the most important cultures of Thailand, the floating markets.

6. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market + Mae Khlong Market

A day trip to Damnoen Saduak floating market from Bangkok is not complete without a visit to the unique Mae Khlong Railway market and watching the thrilling operations of vendors hurriedly put away shops for an oncoming train.


  • Immerse in a local way of living.
  • Sample tasty street food served straight from longtail boats.
  • Visit Maeklong railway market for a chaotically satisfying scene of vendors selling and negotiating by the train track.

Starting price: 950 THB

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market tour from BangkokTrain Market Maekhlong railway tour from Bangkok

Book a private tour to Ayutthaya + Damnoen Saduak Floating Market.

🍃 Pattaya

Many have heard of Pattaya for a cheeky reason, but there is more to this city than what you read online. Below is a tour you can take from Bangkok to Pattaya.

7. Elephant bathing and caring trip from Bangkok (EJS Pattaya)

A visit to the land of smiles is not complete without seeing Thai elephants. The elephant rescue mission is getting more and more recognition and a visit to an elephant sanctuary financially supports the sheltering and health care of Thai rescued elephants.


  • Private roundtrip transfer from Bangkok
  • Join an elephant caring program consisting of feeding, mud spa, and shower with elephants.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch before leaving the sanctuary.

Starting price: 4,550 THB

Pattaya Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Day Trip from Bangkokelephant jungle sanctuary Pattaya from Bangkok

🍃 Kanchanaburi

The last province that is worth visiting is Kanchanaburi. The province’s calming mountain sights and the cooling river make this place a must-visit for people looking to catch a break from Bangkok on the weekend.

8. Kanchanaburi Historical tour

Learn about the important but bitter history of Kanchanaburi’s role in World War 2 and the bloodshed that came with the construction of the River Khwai Bridge. 


  • Explore the history of the infamous Burma Railway, also known as the "Death Railway" 
  • Visit the War Cemetery where the graves of an estimated 9,000 Allied soldiers are well-maintained.
  • Discover interactive museums, research, and information centers.
  • Take a train ride along the original Death Railway track, with a delicious lunch awaiting you at the disembarkation station.

Starting price: 1,700 THB

Bangkok to Kanchanaburi one day trip with a tour guideKanchanaburi day tour from Bangkok visiting historical sights 

9. Elephant World and Kanchanaburi Private Historical Tour

Another elephant sanctuary close to Bangkok that promotes ethical practices between humans and elephants is the renowned Elephant World. Visitors get a chance to 


  • Enjoy an elephant care experience at one of the best elephant camps in Kanchanaburi.
  • Ride a train along the iconic Tham Krasae Cave Railroad.
  • Learn the history of the Bridge over the River Kwai and visit the Thai-Burmese railway museum.

Starting price: 6,000 THB

Elephant bathing at elephants world tour from BangkokElephants world caring experience from Bangkok 

10. Safari Park Private Tour From Bangkok

Drive a car and get up close and personal with the animals at Safari Park Kanchanaburi, the second-largest open zoo. For those who enjoy taking pictures of animals, it's nirvana since you can come across everything from baby tigers to elephants and giraffes. 


  • Getting up close and feeding giraffes is the highlight of the experience. Do not miss the thrilling and timeless crocodile display, too.
  • The open zoo area and the elephant and crocodile display area make up the two zones of the zoo.
  • Your chance to feed the lions and tigers as well as the deer, giraffes, and zebras!

Starting price: 2,950 THB

Visit safari park zoo from Bangkok and feed tiger cubsTake pictures with zebras on a jeep on a bangkok tour


There you have it 18 trips and tours you can take in and around Bangkok and experience the golden city from a different angle. From cultural temple tours to food-tasting adventures to bathing with elephants in the jungle, make your trip to Bangkok more than the ordinary. For more information and booking, feel free to contact us on WhatsApp (+66)95-5048282

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