Koh Lipe 3 Days 2 Nights Review - Ticket2Attraction
Koh Lipe 3 Days 2 Nights Review - Ticket2Attraction

Koh Lipe 3 Days 2 Nights Review


3 Days 2 Nights Trang Koh Lipe Travel package


Hi, I’m Peem. I recently went on a Trang Koh Lipe trip and I am here to walk you through where I’ve been, what I did, and how I got there. I hope this 3 days 3 nights Koh Lipe guide will inspire you on your next holiday.

Trang and Koh Lipe: Getting there

There are two close-by airports to Koh Lipe Thailand which are Trang Airport and Hat Yai International Airport. In order to reach Koh Lipe, getting there on a flight to either one of these airports is the most optimal way. 

Since this is my first Trang-Lipe trip, I wanted to get a taste of Trang Moo Yang (Trang grilled pork), so we made a pit stop at Trang for one day. Besides Trang Moo Yang, Trang is well known for many other delicious foods and beautiful attractions that are worth spending a holiday here.

“Koh Lipe” 

Koh Lipe Thailand or Lipe island is one of the Dream Destination Islands on the Southern coast of Andaman Sea. Some of the highlights of this island include being the only home to the seven colored corals in Thailand, crystal clear seawater of blue and teal hues, soft white sands and a very laid-back atmosphere.

I went on the trip with a bunch of friends and wanted a lot of ease with traveling to and around our destinations, with zero planning, eating to our hearts content, beautiful accommodations, and awesome Instagram posts, so we decided to book with Ticket2Attraction.

The trip package we purchased includes:

  • VIP van for pick-up and dropoff (Trang Koh Lipe)
  • High-end boutiques hotels (with breakfasts) for two nights 
  • Private Koh Lipe snorkeling tours and lunch
  • Speedboat for Pakbara Pier-Koh Lipe 
  • National parks entrance fee and insurance

All of this for only 7990 THB per person (must book for a minimum of 4 people) and you’re set to have a relaxing trip. I personally think it is worth the money considering there are people ready to take care of you the entirety of your trip.

Day 1 on our Trang Koh Lipe trip

  • Trang airport
  • Ruean Thai Dim Sum 
  • Trang Moo Yang
  • Lay Khao Kob Cave
  • Tour the Wang Theptaro (Dragon Tree Sculpture Garden)
  • Chenjia Dimsum Cafe
  • Street Art
  • Buying confectionary/cakes at Crazon Cake Thapap
  • Kantang train station
  • Checkin at Seesea Resort at Satun Province (Close to Pakbara pier)

Arriving at Trang in the early morning, we went to recharge our energy at “Ruean Thai Dim Sum”, a dimsum restaurant renowned to Trang with a wide menu to choose from.

We continue our food journey to Trang Moo Yang, an iconic dish of Trang I recommend you try. If you visited Trang and you didn’t try the grilled pork, you can’t say you went to Trang.

Next up, we are visiting a beautifully thrilling spot, the Lay Khao Kob Cave. To get inside, we had to take a small boat into the low-ceiling cave. After viewing the stalactite and stalagmite, be prepared to lay down flat on the boat on your way out of the cave, I would say this is one of the most exciting experiences I’ve had in traveling although your safety is guaranteed by the highly experienced uncle who rows your boat.

Moving on to our next activity, we have the Wang Theptaro or the Dragon Tree Sculpture Garden learn about the Taro tree indigenous to the area, or its scientific name, Cinnamomum Porrectum Kosterm. In addition to providing wood, these trees have a variety of properties. It can be trained and bended into different shapes, provide dyes for dyeing fabrics, and offering medicinal properties as well.

For lunch, we visited Chenjia Dimsum Cafe, a fusion dimsum cafe/restaurant. It is very aesthetically pleasing, perfect for an instagram update.

You will find street Arts all  around the city in the old town area on the wall of beautiful colorful buildings to check out and take many hipster-esque pictures.

Then we took a quick stop at Trang’s landmark “Loma Roundabout”.

Before we left Trang’s city, we stopped by to get some souvenirs from a famous confectionary shop at Crazon Cake Thapap to get some soft sweet baked goods.

We end our Trang trip at Kantang train station, the final stop on the Southern Andaman Rail Line. This train station is incredibly beautiful. Don’t forget to come here to check in and take home cool photos.

After, we hopped on our VIP private van to Satun province to our hotel waiting by the pier to Koh Lipe.

“Seesea Resort” is located just 500 meters away from Pakbara Pier, in my opinion is the most convenient option, right by the ocean, spacious rooms, clean atmosphere, full of facilities with breakfast buffet and picturesque hotel design.

Day 2 on our Trang Koh Lipe trip

  • Pakbara Pier
  • Speed boat to Koh Lipe Thailand
  • Check-in Akira Lipe Resort
  • Koh Lipe snorkeling trip (inside Zone)
  • Sunset at the Zodiac bar
  • Fire show at the Zodiac bar

The package we purchased from Ticket2Attraction includes the speed boat and other fee and someone to take care of it for us, we just had to take the ticket and wait to board the speedboat.

The package allowed for our Koh Lipe snorkeling trip to take off on a private longtail boat and free lunches ready for us.

The highlight of this Koh Lipe guide is the Koh Lipe snorkeling trip in the Jabang River Channel which is full of corals of different colors, so many that it’s named the 7 Color Corals by the locals. Tourists from all over the world would come to dive at this very spot to see the beauty of the coral reefs. With 2 more islands nearby such as the Koh Hin Ngam and Koh Adang, this activity is the star of our Koh Lipe guide.

7 Colored Corals, the only ones in Thailand

As the evening arrived, we continued onto the Zodiac Bar, a bar by the beach and clear water.

The Zodiac bar is the best sunset-watching spot in Koh Lipe Thailand.

After the sun was gone, we watched the exciting fire show.

Day 3

  • Beach stroll in front of the Akira Lipe Resort
  • Check out and getting back to Pakbara Pier
  • Van transfer to the airport
  • On Koh Lipe, we stayed at Akira Lipe Resort, a seaside resort with soft sand beach and aqua colored seawater.  

Akira Lipe Resort offers rooms and facilities that we think goes beyond what is considered 5 stars all in the Ticket2Attraction Koh Lipe 3 Days 2 Nights package.

After taking photos in front of the resort, we will have some time for travelling back on a speedboat with someone to take care of us along the way.

After arriving back to the pier, we were greeted by our VIP van to come and take us to the airport.


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Last updated 08/08/2023


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