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Chiang Mai Night Safari Review - Ticket2Attraction

Chiang Mai Night Safari Review

Chiang Mai Night Safari

The popular family-friendly destination in Chiang Mai. It's the first night safari in Thailand featuring tram ride which guest can get close to the animals while they are active in the night time.

Chiang Mai Night Safari is now reopen since the long closure due to the COVID-19. Some activities such as animal feeding has been temporary cease until further notice. The zoo is opening time is 11:00-22:00 hrs. (Last entry 21:00 hrs.). Each day, there are 2 period of time available which are Day Safari and Night Safari. Ticket for Day Safari is cheaper. However, Night Safari has 3 shows included in the price. So, we suggest you should come at night if you want a full experience at Chiang Mai Night Safari. 

Review (Thai language) by Awaken

How to get there?

Most people will use their personal car to get to Chiang Mai Night Safari. It takes about 20 minutes drive from Chiang Mai city and there is no public transportation directly to this destination. You can rent a red pick up taxi which the price may vary and negotiable but the price can be high as the route is out of their service range and also extra charge if you are foreign tourist. The other option is the mobile application "Grab" which you can call a private car to pick you up from your current location and drop at your destination. The price for Grab car is about 150-200 THB per way which not too much when you travel with 3-4 people. On the way back, there are taxi stand located next to the parking lot. The red pick-up taxi will charge 300 THB back to Chiang Mai city and you may share with other traveler but you have to wait until it's full capacity which depending on the time you leave as well. You might have a better chance if you arrive early and leave early. For a Grab Car, you have to wait in front of the Giraffe restaurant which is quite dark but it's the only place where the drive can pick you up. (the front entrance is blocked, so you have to walk to this spot).


What time should I arrived?

The Night round is start at 17:00 hrs. We suggest you should arrived at this time as it's not too crowded and the sunset light is perfect for photograph both people and animals.

After you purchase the online ticket from Ticket2Attraction, you will receive the travel voucher which you can save it in your smart phone. Once you arrive at the Chiang Mai Night Safari, the registration staff will give you the time table that shows you which activity you should do first.

Itinerary for the first round of night time period.

17:00 hrs. Tiger Show
17:30 hrs. Savanna Safari Zone
18:00 hrs. Predator Prowl Zone
18:30 hrs. Dancing Show
19:00 hrs. Night Predator Show


Then you must walk to the ticket booth which you must show the travel voucher to the counter number 4, located in the right side of the booth.

Tiger Show

The 20-30 minutes show of tigers and lions perform their natural hunting skills and movements.

Show time 17:00, 18:15 and 19:30 hrs.


Tram Ride

Everyone come here to do this tram ride and see animals at night time. The tour is separated into 2 zones which are Savanna Safari and Predator Prowl

Savanna Safari is feature friendly animals such as Giraffe, Asia Elephant, Zebra, Hippopotamus and also animals that you may never heard their name before like Nilgai, Barasingha, Greafer Gudu and Watusi

Predator Prowl is where all predators from around the world are exhibit such as Asiatic Black Bear, Hyenas, Lion, Tiger and Fox. Moreover, there are rare type of animal with a color variation caused by a recessive gene like Golden tiger, White lion and White Tiger.

Day Safari
Round 1 - 14:30, 15:00, 15:30, 16:00 hrs.

Night Safari
Round 2 - 17:30, 18:00, 18:30, 19:00 hrs.
Round 3 - 19:30, 20:00, 20:30, 21:00 hrs.


Dancing Show

Traditional Lanna style dancing which performed in front of the lake. It's a spot for take a break and relax before continue to do the other activities.

Show time 17:15, 18:30, 19:45 and 20:40 hrs.


Night Predator Show

The only animal hunting show in Thailand, performed by the animals themselves. The show is about how predator hunting their prey at night time. You will see the natural hunting habit of animals such as Lion, Tiger, Otter, Hyenas etc. The highlight of this show is the Jaguar dive in the water to catch its prey.

The theater is located on the left side once you leave the main entrance.

Show time 17:45, 19:00 and 20:15 hrs.


Jaguar Trail Zone

The 1.2 km. walking trail around the lake. It's home to 50 species which you can enjoy and relax while enjoying variety of animals. This area is better to do during day time as it's very dark at night and children should not walk alone.

This zone is open at 11:00-20:30 hrs.


Written by
KenThanakrit (Awaken : ตื่นมาเที่ยว)

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