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SIAMGEMS Heritage’s 50 years of great success began in 1962 with the founding of Elite Jewellery – Thailand’s first gems and Jewelry shopping mall with modern air conditioning for the convenience of Thai and foreign customers alike. The mall represented an important step forward for Thailand’s jewellery scene in terms of the shopping experience. Today, SIAMGEMS Heritage is one of Thailand’s leading centers of education on Thai gems, offering invaluable knowledge that serves as the country’s glittering cultural heritage.


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The golden elephant sculpture (Khun Tubtim and Prai Noi)
The father-and-son golden elephant sculpture is inspired by the golden chamber of Wat Rat Burana ornaments which is a distinguish art style in early Ayudhya kingdom. The elephants are coated with 99.99% gold and adorned with collections of precious gemstones. The two elephants walk in the midst of Thailand’s main river, The Chaopraya River, which symbolizes eternal fortune and prosperity.  There is Buddha Maha Paraminubhab bisudh Anuttra Sangam Vijay Buddha statue in the attitude of subduing mara in the meaning of “conqueror of Buddha over the Satan with the power of Buddha Virtue”.  

Siamgems Sphere
Venture beyond space and time through the stunning journey of jewelry in this gigantic 15 m- dimeter cinema dome. Be prepared to see visual wonder through the ultimate 360-degree experiences of light and sound of world-class quality. Dive into the glistening story that is so immersive, life-like and sublime.
Room 1 The Eternity Of Gems
Learn the history of jewelry from across the globe from Bead Age in which natural materials came in handy, Bronze Age when metal adornment began, Gold Age in which Thailand’s rampant gold resources and unparalleled craftsmanship rendered it ‘Suvarnabhumi’ title (a land of gold), Gemstone Age when gems became the new gold, to Refining Age when polishing technologies allowed jewels to shine brighter than before. As civilization progresses, wisdom of each locality has been passed on and given the nation a magnificent identity.  The seeds of knowledge have grown into the flowers of craftsmanship – the striking beauty that blooms majestically through time. 
Room 2 – The Reflection
Witness exquisite facets of jewels as created by the hands of Thai artisans, for their elaborate techniques and craftsmanship have earned global admiration. Basically, each gemstone can be cut in numerous styles, e.g., brilliant cut, emerald cut, cabochon cut or single cut. And the shape in which it appears can be either round shape, heart shape, marquise shape, emerald shape or pear shape – largely depending on the gemstone’s original one. In this process, an artisan’s precise expertise is needed for each lackluster gemstone to achieve its unique glow and become a priceless piece of art.
Room 3 – The Chamber of Virtue
Thai people have long believed that the nine gemstones, which include ruby, moonstone, zircon, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, garnet and chrysoberyl, or “Nopparat” are symbol of the nine celestial bodies. These gems are highly regarded by the people due to the auspicious power they are said to hold within. They are believed to bestow great fortune on the owners. Therefore, these nine gems are of frequent use for religious and royal embellishments such as on Buddha images, the royal tonsure ceremony’s apparatuses and the kings’ personal insignias, as well as royal decorations given to particular individuals on the contribution they have made for the community.
Room 4 – Siamgems Tiara
Observe the dazzling grandeur of SIAMGEMS HERITAGE’s masterpiece crafted meticulously by our highlyskilled artisans. This tiara is perfected with the luminous scarlet of Siamese rubies, the gemstones that are highly regarded as royal adornment of queens around the world. Its exquisite details give this tiara a spellbinding effect that no one should ever miss to see at least once.
Room 5 - Gemmology
Jewellery making is an advanced art that requires the expertise of skilled craftsmen or artists capable of turning simple stones into ornate works of high art. Here, you will experience the entire journey of jewellery making, from the initial design and gemstone cutting to framing and mounting.

Facilities for disable

  • Siamgems provide facilities for disable and wheelchairs.

Other facilities

  • Parking space
  • Multi-languages museum guide (Thai, English and Chinese)
  • Food and beverage shop
  • Jewelry shop

Siamgems Heritage located at Pradithmanutham road. The best way is using private car or taxi.

Leave the express way at Pradithmanutham Rd., to make a U-Turn before reach to Ramindhra Rd., towards Pradithmanutham Rd., SIAMGEMS Heritage is located on the left side of the road, next to Soi Nualjan.

Address Information

234 Pradithmanutham Rd., Nuanchan, Bueng Kum, Bangkok 10230

Tel: (+66)2-949 9500 # 0


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