9 best Chiang Mai Cookery Class with comparisons 2024
9 best Chiang Mai Cookery Class with comparisons 2024

9 โรงเรียนสอนทำอาหารไทยยอดนิยม เชียงใหม่

Chiang Mai cookery class

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure and unleash your inner chef? Look no further than Chiang Mai, a food lover's paradise and home to some of the best cookery classes in Thailand. Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors and fragrant spices of Thai cuisine as you learn from expert chefs and passionate instructors.

Discover the art of creating mouthwatering dishes like green curry, pad Thai, and tom yum soup, all while gaining a deeper understanding of the local ingredients and cooking techniques.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an experienced home cook, there's a cookery class in Chiang Mai to suit every skill level. What sets Chiang Mai's cookery classes apart is the emphasis on using fresh, local ingredients and empowering students to explore their creativity in the kitchen. So, are you ready to sharpen your cooking skills and create unforgettable meals? Join one of Chiang Mai's top cookery classes and let your culinary journey begin.


Cooking classes in Chiang Mai summary

1. What to know
2. Best cooking classes in Chiang Mai
         2.1Grandma's Home
         2.2 Mama Noi Thai
         2.3 Smile Organic Farm
         2.4 Thai Akha Kitchen
         2.5 Basil Cookery School
         2.6 Chiang Mai Home Host
         2.7 Galangal Cooking Studio
         2.8 Alot of Thai
         2.9 Vanee Classic Cooking


Cooking schools in Chiang Mai 


What to know before taking a cooking class in Chiang Mai:

🍴 All of the cooking classes listed provide pickup-dropoff services mainly in the Chiang Mai City area only. 
🍴 All of these classes offer hands-on cooking experience.
🍴 Market tours are a popular activity in taking a cooking class which involves visiting a local fish market and shopping around for ingredients to prepare for your cooking.
🍴 Every cooking class in Chiang Mai provides market tours except Chiang Mai Home Host which has a garden tour to pick out the ingredients instead. For Thai Akha Kitchen, market tours are only available for morning classes.
🍴 Some schools offer photographer where you can download your photos from their websites.
🍴 People with dietary restrictions can see below which schools offer to adjust the menu to fit their diets.

Chiang Mai cooking class

Local market tours are often included as part of the cooking class.



🔟 Best cooking classes in Chiang Mai for authentic cuisines


1. Grandma's Home Cooking School

If you are passionate about gastronomy, we highly recommend taking a Chiang Mai cookery class at Grandma’s Home Cooking School offering a chance to work with fresh ingredients picked from the school’s farm.


  • Visit the local fresh market to learn about fresh herbs and vegetables for Thai cooking. 
  • Handpicked fresh ingredients from an organic garden. 
  • Learn cooking techniques from grandma's recipes and taste your results. 


  • Tom Yam (Hot and Sour Soup) 
  • Kang Kiew Waan (Green Curry) 
  • Pad Thai (Stir-fried Rice Noodles) 
  • Gang Massaman (Massaman Curry)

Starting price: 1,040 THB

For more details buy a ticket for Full Day Thai cooking classes with Grandma's home cooking school.  

Chiang Mai cookery school

 Chiang Mai cookery classFarm cooking schools in Chiang Mai




2. Mama Noi Thai - Chiang Mai Cookery Class

Having been around since 2015, Mama Noi Chiang Mai's cookery class incorporates organic farming and cooking to give visitors around the world a taste of true Thai. Mama Noi offers 3 different types of Chiang Mai cookery classes in Chiang Mai such as the half-day class, evening class, and private Chiang Mai cooking classes.


  • Visit the Chiang Mai marketplace and be taught how to pick fresh ingredients
  • Learn the differences between Issan cooking and the Northern region
  • Learning how to make sticky rice and mango, and Thai tea


  • Soup
  • Stir-fried
  • Curry paste
  • Curry

Starting price: 900 THB

For more details buy ticket for Half Day Thai cooking classes with Mama Noi Cookery School Chiang Mai

Mama Noi cooking classes in Chiang MaiChiang Mai cooking classes




3. Smile Organic Farm Cooking School

Set in a beautiful serene garden, the Smile Organic Farm Cooking School aims to take visitors away to a relaxing cooking experience surrounded by greeneries where you will learn to grow herbs and vegetables as well as cook your produce. 


  • Organic greens are grown by the school themselves
  • Small classes that are very engaging
  • Recipe books to take home and recreate your favorite Thai dish


  • Curry Paste
  • Curry
  • Stir-Fried
  • Soup
  • Spring Roll

Starting price: 800 THB

Chiang Mai cookery School

Smile organic farm cooking classSmile organic farm cooking school Chiang Mai



4. Thai Akha Kitchen - Chiang Mai cookery class

“Akha” people are a group of indigenous Thai citizens living in small villages in the mountains of Northern Thailand. Not only are visitors paying for Chiang Mai cookery classes, but they are also helping to preserve this slowly vanishing tribe and culture. Learn their way of life and listen to their story, we promise you will get a different perspective on life.

The classes are taught by born and raised Akhas and are available both online and in person. This cooking class is perfect for those looking for a vegetarian Thai cooking class in Chiang Mai as it offers different menus for students with different dietary needs.


  • Learn the culture and cuisine of the Akha people
  • The menu can be customized to an individual's dietary requirements such as vegetarian, vegan, halal, food allergies, etc.
  • Ingredients come from foraging which are more organic and fresh
  • Local market tour to purchase ingredients (only available for morning classes)
  • Pickup-dropoff in the Chiang Mai City area


  • Appetizers
  • Desserts
  • Akha dishes
  • Curry
  • Soup
  • Stir-fried

Starting prices: 950 THB 

For more details buy a ticket for Half Day Thai cooking classes with Thai Akha Kitchen

 Cooking classes in Chiang MaiAkha Kitchen cookery class




5. Basil Cookery School

At Yummy Tasty Chiang Mai cookery class, having fun is at the forefront of learning. Whether you are joining as a couple or family, you will go home with new skills such as fire on a wok trick or peeling onions without shedding a tear. This cooking school is a great way to make new friends and great memories.


  • Teaching you new things that you will not see on TV
  • Visiting local market to shop for ingredients
  • Pickup-drop off in Chiang Mai downtown

Menu: Choosing your dish for each category

  • Noodles
  • Stir-fries
  • Soup
  • Appetizer

Starting price: 900 THB

For more details buy a ticket for Half Day Thai cooking classes with Basil Chiang Mai Cookery School

Chiang Mai cookery school

Best cooking school in Chiang MaiBest cooking class in Chiang Mai 



6. Chiang Mai Home Host 

Chiang Mai Home Host is another Chiang Mai cookery class devoted to teaching the Northern Thailand Lanna culture and more importantly, the Lanna recipe, in which you will gain knowledge on how to cook dishes indigenous to Northern Thailand.


  • Authentic Thai-Lanna style home cooking school in Chiang Mai. 
  • Local herbs, fruits and vegetables
  • Learning about the Lanna locals through the 150-year-old host family's background. 
  • Cooking and tasting delicious authentic Lanna-style cuisine.
  • Round-trip transfer in Chiang Mai city area 


  • Obb Kai, Nam Prik Ong (Roasted chicken and chili dipping) 
  • Phad Ma Khaue Yao (Fried eggplant )
  • Tom Som Kai (Tom Sum chicken soup)
  • Kluay Boud Chee (Banana coconut milk dessert)  
  • Pad Thai (If having 4 people up in the booking) 
  • Kanom Koke  (If having children in the booking)

Starting price: 2,600 THB

For more details buy a ticket for Half Day Authentic Lanna Thai home cooking Classes  

hiang Mai home host thai cookery school in Chiang MaiChiang Mai home host cookery school




7. Galangal Cooking Studio

No better way to learn how to use Thai spices and herbs like lemongrass, turmeric and others than by taking a Chiang Mai cookery class. Galangal Cooking Studio is another highly recommended cooking class to check out once you are in Chiang Mai.


  • Learn to cook at-home Thai dishes taught by a passionate instructor
  • Take home a 40-page recipe book
  • Pickup-dropoff in the Chiang Mai City area


  • Stir-fried
  • Soup
  • Curry
  • Appetizer
  • Dessert

Starting price: 890 THB

For more details buy ticket for Half Day Thai cooking classes with Galangal Cooking Studio

Chiang Mai cookery school

Galangal cooking school in Chiang MaiGalangal Cooking class in Chiang Mai



8. A lot of Thai: Home cooking class

No place to learn how to cook Thai dishes like with TV chef, Yui at A Lot of Thai Chiang Mai cookery class. Having been featured on various TV shows, this cooking school is run by Mrs, Yui and her husband and humbly welcomes knowledge seekers from across the world with open arms with the hope that everyone can cook Thai dishes at home.


  • Class taught by a chef with an extensive background
  • Only the best ingredients
  • Dishes suit all dietary restrictions
  • Local market tour
  • Onsite and online classes



  • Monday: Pad Thai, Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts, green/red curry, and sweet sticky rice.
  • Tuesday: Pad Thai, Panaeng (curry), shrimp tom yum, and sweet sticky rice.
  • Wednesday: Pad Si ew, Som Tam, and Khao Soy
  • Thursday: Pad Thai, Panaeng (curry), shrimp tom yum, and sweet sticky rice.
  • Friday: Pad Thai, Stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts, green/red curry, and sweet sticky rice.

Starting price: 1,300 THB

Chiang Mai cookery School


Alot of Thai cooking class in Chiang MaiBest cooking classes in Chiang Mai




9. Vannee Classic Cooking School 

Vannee Classic Cooking School is a family-run Chiang Mai cooking class that promises to give you a very homey and local feel. The instructor is incredibly lovely and guides you through every step of the cooking.


  • Visit the local market and purchase fresh ingredients for cooking. 
  • Learning and tasting some fresh home garden herbs and spices. 
  • Cooking the traditional Thai home cooked and learning from secret recipes by Khun Vannee. 

Menu: Choose 4 Thai dishes depending on each group's preference.

Starting price: 950 THB 

 For more details buy a ticket for Half Day Authentic Lanna Thai home Cooking Classes. 

Vanee thai cooking school in Chiang MaiVanee thai cooking school Chiang Mai 





Written by: Ponhsetha Chamroeun

Last updated: January 2024