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Can’t you imagine that a fierce creature like a Bengal tiger will adopt little piglets? Prove it with your own eyes at Sriracha Tiger Zoo, The greatest tiger zoo in the world. Unlike other zoos in Thailand, Sriracha Tiger Zoo is where you can be impressed by a mother tiger, Saimai, parenting and feeding cute little piglets. Moreover, get yourself even more amazed with sow feeding petite tiger cubs! Visitors are allowed to feed adorable tiger cubs with milk while playing with them in your arms.  Beside these highlights, enjoy watching animal shows, including the crocodile show, the tiger show, the elephant show, and the pig racing show. Let’s discover incredible animal lives only at Sriracha Tiger Zoo located near Pattaya.


For more information, please feel free to contact us on WhatsApp (+66)95-5048282




Opening Hour

Daily 08:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.

(To avoid missing some of the shows, we suggest you to arrive before 10:00 hrs.)


Show Time

Crocodile show:

  • 10.30 am.
  • 02.00 pm.
  • 03.00 pm.
  • 04.00 pm.


Tiger show:

  • 11.00 am.
  • 02.30 pm.


Elephant show:

  • 11.30 am.
  • 03.30 pm.


Pig racing show:

  • Every 30 minutes 9.00 am.-4.30 pm.


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Opened in 1997, Sriracha Tiger Zoo is conveniently located in the land area of 250 rai and is the home to more than 400 Bengal tigers, 10,000 crocodiles and a great number of animal species, such as deers, camels, elephants and donkeys. Inside the zoo, visitors are enabled to take part in varied activities as follows:

1. Animal shows including the crocodile show, the tiger show, the elephant show, and the pig racing show
2. Tiger feeding piglets
3. Sow feeding tiger cubs
4. Crocodile feeding
5. Feeding tiger cubs
6. Scorpion queen
7. Shoot'n feed
8. Elephant riding
9. Taking photos with tiger cubs.

Disabled facilities
• Wheelchair rental service is provided at the entrance. The rental rate is 50 Baht per day.
• Slopes, restrooms and parking spaces for wheelchair users.

Other facilities
• Parking lots
• Restaurant (11.00 am. - 03.00 pm.)
• Beverage kiosk (08.00 am. – 06.00 pm.)
• Food kiosk (09.00 am. – 04.00 pm.)
• Souvenir shops (09.00 am. – 05.30 pm.)
• Thanachart Bank ATMs


Sriracha Tiger Zoo is located at the outskirt of Pattaya, near Chonburi-Pattaya Road. It is about 40 Km. from Pattaya city, you can easily get there by GRAB taxi once you are in Pattaya. It is reasonable price and easily get there by using an application "GRAB taxi" from Pattaya. Or you may ask a local public transportation, it is a red pick-up vehicle that you can easily see in Pattaya city however you need to negotiate the price and hire it for private vehicle. 

Sriracha tiger zoo is located in Sriracha area that is about 90 km from Bangkok, en route to Pattaya. Once you are travelling from Bangkok city or Bangkok airport to Patatya you may consider to visit Sriracha tiger zoo before arriving Pattaya. In case you need a private vehicle e.g. car or van, you may contact connect2thailand for car hire with driver. 

You can take a van to Sriracha (Laemchabang) at Suvarnabhumi bus terminal and then take a taxi to the zoo.

Tips: the easiest way to get to Sriracha Tiger Zoo is taking a taxi or using our car rental service so that you can drop by at interesting tourist attractions nearby.

Address Information

341 Nongkarm subdistrict, Sri Racha district, Chon Buri 20110

Q: Is the ticket include all shows?
A: Yes, ticket price is cover all animal shows in Sriracha Tiger Zoo

Q: How can I taking photo with tiger?
A: You can purchase "A Hug of Love" as an optional package for taking photo with tiger. 

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