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Koh Phi Phi  - Speed Boat from Krabi to Phi Phi island

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Phi Phi island is the well know travel destination which welcome many tourist from around the world. The only way to get to Phi Phi island is by boat. Most people will take the boat from Phuket but if you stay in Krabi, there is also a speedboat service to Phi Phi island which takes about 1 hour journey. So, it's easy and convenient to visit Phi phi island for 1 day. This speedboat service is available from both Phuket (Chean Vanich pier) and Krabi (Krabi Marina pier). 



Krabi (Krabi Marina) → Phi Phi

  • Depart 9:15 hrs.
    • Arrive 10:15 hrs.

Phi Phi → Krabi (Krabi Marina)

  • Depart 15:00 hrs. 
    • Arrive 16:00 hrs.


Phuket (Chean Vanich) → Phi Phi  *Temporary close

  • Depart 10:30 hrs.
    • Arrive 11:20 hrs.

Phi Phi → Phuket (Chean Vanich) *Temporary close

  • Depart 13:15 hrs. 
    • Arrive 14:05 hrs.



For more information, please feel free to contact us on WhatsApp (+66)95-5048282


Opening Hour


Phuket - Phi Phi 10:30-11:20 hrs.  
Phi Phi - Phuket 13:15-14:05 hrs.



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Facilities at the pier in Krabi or Phuket

  • Restroom
  • Parking lot


From Krabi, The boat is depart from Krabi Marina pier whioch located in Krabi town or about 18 km. from Ao Nang beach. The best way to travel is by personal car or hire a taxi.


From Phuket, The boat is depart from Chean Vanich pier which is located in the southern of Phuket island. It's 4 km. from Phuket Town or 18 km. from Patong beach. The best way to travel is by personal car or hire a taxi.


From Phi Phi island, the boat is depart from Tonsai pier which can be walk from the nearby hotel. If you are staying at Leam Tong pier, you must take the shuttle boat to Tonsai pier first. 

Address Information

Kanichta Speedboat

Krabi: Krabi Marina Pier
Phuket: Chean Vanich pier
Phi Phi: Tonsai pier

Krabi Marina Pier, Krabi

Chean Vanich pier, Phuket


Tonsai pier, Phi Phi island


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