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Koh Samui  - Samui Elephant Sanctuary

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Samui Elephant Sanctuary is the biggest elephant care in Koh Samui. This place is different from other elephant camps in Thailand as will not allow you to swim or ride on the elephants because it's make elephants stressful and prohibits natural behaviors. You can observe elephant in their environment, feeding,  walking and watching them play in the mud bath. You will sense the true happiness and relax of the elephants here.  

For more information, please feel free to contact us on WhatsApp (+66)95-5048282


Opening Hour



Show Time

Morning Tour: 09:00 - 11:30 Hrs.
Afternoon Tour: 13:30 - 15:30 Hrs.


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Elephants in Samui have previously spent their entire lives having to endure thousands of people clambering on their back for an elephant ride, performing in shows, begging on the streets or beaches, or pulling ad pushing heavy timber in the logging industry. They have worked hard their bodies are tired, and founder of Samui Elephant Sanctuary want their life with us to be calm and peaceful.

At Samui Elephant Sanctuary, they give their elephants back their lives, their freedom, and their dignity. Whilst they offer interaction with their gentle giants, respecting their personal space is also a priority.  

They put the welfare of their elephants' first and therefore they do not offer ride, show, bathing, mud bathing, trunk hugging, elephant kisses, sitting on or lying on the elephant, loud noisy groups, or people constantly crowding around the elephants. This ensure their elephants are free to exhibit nature behaviors which their guests find both education and fun to observe as the elephants roll around in the mud and play together. 

Disabled facilities
There is no any facilities available for disabled.

Samui Elephant Sanctuary provide free pick up and return shuttle service within Samui.

Pick up time: 

Morning Tour

  • Plangka / Lipanoi 7:10 Hrs.
  • Nathon 7:20  Hrs.
  • Bang Po / Pralann 7:30 Hrs.
  • Lamai / Huantanon 7:30 Hrs. 
  • Maenem 8:00 Hrs.
  • Chaweng 8:00Hrs.
  • Bo Phut 8:00 Hrs.
  • Bang Rak / Chong Mon 8:30 Hrs.

Afternoon Tour

  • Plangka / Lipanoi 13:00 Hrs.
  • Nathon 13:00 Hrs.
  • Bang Po / Pralann 13:20 Hrs.
  • Lamai / Huantanon 13:00 Hrs. 
  • Maenem 13:30 Hrs.
  • Chaweng 13:30 Hrs.
  • Bo Phut 13:30 Hrs.
  • Bang Rak / Chong Mon 13:30 Hrs.

Address Information

Samui Elephant Sanctuary Co. Ltd
108/52 Taweerat Pakdee Rd, Bo Put, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani 84320


  • Hotel pick up - We pick up from all accommodation on Koh Samui, please see below for the pick up time
  • Welcome and introduction video on who we are and why elephants need to be protected
  • Prepare food for the elephants, and after food preparation we meet and feed the elephants. This up close encounter is a magical experience and the elephants of course love their basket of treats.
  • Walk with the elephants, stand back and observe as they express natural behaviours such as foraging for food, bathing in the pool and playing in the mud pit.
  • A delicious vegetarian Thai buffet with time to rest, relax and enjoy the tranquility and beauty of our sanctuary Complimentary filtered water, coffee and tea Transfer back to your hotel

Q: How far in advance do I need to book
A: One week in advance is advisable for high season (Dec - April). As soon as you know your date, please book your visit.

Q: Can I drive into the sanctuary
A: No, sorry you can’t. There is strictly no public access to the sanctuary for safety and insurance purposes, and also as we have free roaming elephants. 

Q: Is this place accept for walk in customer
A: No, this place accept for advance booking only

Q: Samui Elephant Sanctuary still open if rains
A: Yes, They are open whatever the weather conditions. Elephants love the rain and it is great fun to watch the elephants playing in the fresh mud. If it does rain, This place provide rain macs and umbrellas.

Q: Is it ok to travel with infants and toddlers
A: Yes, they cater for children of all ages. Our program is relaxed and at any time if you wish to return to the reception their staff will take care of you.  Please note that strollers / pushchair cannot be taken into the sanctuary area and will need to be left at our reception area.

Q: What food do they serve
A: They serve a delicious home made Thai vegetarian buffet. Should you have any special dietary requirements please advise at least 24 hours prior to arrival.

Q: Is it possible to change the service date after booked
A: Yes, please let us know 3 days in advance

Q: Can I fly my drone
A; The use of drones are strictly prohibited as it scares our elephants.


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