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Would you like to spend a vacation with a bunch of lovely elephants? If yes, then visit Maesa Elephant Camp Chiang Mai! Housing a number of adorable elephants, the camp enables all visitors to witness the cuteness of elephants' lives. There are various elephant-related activities to do ranging from elephant riding, elephant training, elephant bathing, to elephant painting. What's more, get stunned with the loveliness and intelligence of up to 20 well-trained elephants through their amazing shows! This elephant camp is truly worth visiting, right? Then, don't leave Chiang Mai without a visit to here!




Opening Hour

Daily 07:00-15:30 hrs.


Show Time

Elephant Show

08:00, 09:40, 13:30 hrs.


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Maesa Elephant camp is known as the largest elephant camp in northern region of Thailand. The camp is established by Mr. Chuchat Gulmapijit since April 8, 1976. The purpose of the elephant camp was to promote travel industry in Thailand back then. In the camp, visitors are offered several amusing activities which enables them to interact with the elephants. Such activities are elephant riding, elephant show, elephant training, elephant bathing, and elephant painting. The length of elephant show time is approximately 50 minutes. The camp also houses Maesa elephant preschool containing new-born to 2-year elephants. In addition, the camp offers mahout training program, including the accommodation, allowing visitors to become and dress like an elephant trainer. You can experience the mahouts' way of living. For foreign visitors, this place is where you can learn Thai food recipe lessons.

Handicapped facilities
• Free wheelchair service.
• Slopes, bathrooms and parking spaces for wheelchair users.

Other facilities
• Krungthai ATMs available.
• Parking lots.
• Accommodations
• Free shuttle tranfer service


Maesa Elephant camp
Chiang Mai is located in Mueng District, Chiang Mai. It is about 750 km. away from Bangkok or 9 hour driving time.

You can take a bus to Chiang Mai at Mochit bus terminal and then take a taxi to the camp.

Tips: the easiest way to get to Maesa Elephant camp
Chiang Mai is using our car rental service so that you can drop by at interesting tourist attractions nearby.

Address Information

119/9 Tapae Road, Mueng District, Chiang Mai 50100



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