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Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket, the best destination for those who are true elephants lover. This sanctuary is a home for elephants that retired from many tourist attractions where they were kept in captivity and work in harassment condition. Now, those elephants are in a good hands of volunteers from all over the world who try to save these beautiful creature. It's your time to support them and getting close to these cute animal at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket.

There are 3 programs available.
1. Half day program: you will feed and play with elephants both on the ground and in the mud bath. After the activity you will enjoy traditional Thai food including Pat Thai and seasonal fruit.
2. Feed and shower program: you will feed elephants with the food that made by yourself and being up close and personal with the elephants! This program is perfect for anyone having short of time but wants to meet elephants in an ethical manner and want to shower with them in rain shower.

3. Feed the elephants program: This program is perfect for who could travel to the Elephant sanctuary on their own and spend time, feeding the elephant during 1 hour while they are breaking for eating. The service start every 1 hour from 9:00-17:00 hrs.


Know before you go

  • Program is suitable for all ages
  • Suggested items to bring with you
    • Hat
    • Raincoat
    • Sunscreen
    • Sneaker or sport shoes
    • Bug spray
    • Small bag
    • Changing cloth for half day and full day program
  • Due to the current situation with the outbreak of COVID-19, we have had to amend our program and implement certain measures to ensure the safety of our guests and members of staff. The main changes are as follows.
    • No swimming with the elephants, when the elephants go in the mud, this will be on an observation basis only, guests will not be allowed in the mud with the elephants, however, guests will still be allowed to shower with the elephants in the rain shower or use of a hose pipe in cases where the camp does not have a rain shower.
    • The main group will be divided into sub groups of no more than 6 guests.
    • Pick up time has changed to coincide with the reduced number of guests.
    • Temperature check at the hotel / pick up point by our staff before getting into the vehicle. If temperature remains at 37.5°C or above, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary reserves the right to refuse the customer from joining the tour.
    • ALL visitors will be expected to write their full name and passport number on our log as per government protocol.
    • Provided buffet during tours will be swapped for pre-packed meals so as to prevent cross contamination.


For more information, please feel free to contact us on WhatsApp (+66)95-5048282




Opening Hour

Daily 8:00-18:00 hrs.


Show Time




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Half Day Itinerary

Morning 7:00-7:30 am./ Afternoon 12:00 – 12:30 pm.
Pick up from your hotel or accommodation in Phuket.

Morning 8:00 am./ Afternoon 13:00 pm
Arrive at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket. Enjoy a welcome snack, sip tea or coffee, and learn about elephants as you are given an introduction to our program.

Morning 8:15 am./ Afternoon 13:15 pm.
Assist with the preparation of natural dietary supplements for the elephants.

Morning 9:00 am./ Afternoon 14:00 pm.
Meet the elephants. Feed them and administer dietary supplements as you learn their stories. Play, interact, and take photos with the elephants in a natural setting.

Morning 9:30 am./ Afternoon 14:30 pm.
Learn about PhysicalExamination (P.E.)of elephants to ensuretheir good health.

Morning 10:00 am./ Afternoon 15:00 pm.
Join the elephants in our specially constructed outdoor “Elephant Shower”

Morning 10:20 am./ Afternoon 15:20 pm.
Use our facilities to take a (regular) shower, dry off, and change clothes.

Morning 10:30 am./ Afternoon 15:30 pm.
Eat a lunch/dinner of traditional Thai food, freshly cooked Pad Thai, and seasonal fruit, before saying goodbye to the friendly elephants.

Morning 11:00 am./ Afternoon 16:00 pm.
Leave the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary and drive for approximately 1 hour back through spectacular island scenery.

Morning 12:00-12:30 pm./ Afternoon 17:00-17:30 pm.
Drop off at your hotel or accommodation.



Elephant Jungle Sanctuary will provide free round trip transfer from hotel in Phuket for Half day program.

For FEED ME PROGRAM and customers who stay in private house/AirBnB or outside Phuket area, please arrive (travel by private car or taxi) at the meeting point before start the activity.

Address Information

2/12 Moo 6 Kathu sub-district, Kathu District, Phuket

Camp 1 Naithon Beach


Camp 3 Kathu Waterfalls

Q: Will I see a baby elephant? 
A: While they currently care for infant elephants, they can not guarantee that you will get the opportunity to interact with one. 

Q: How many Elephant Jungle Sanctuary location are there? 
A: Elephant Jungle Sanctuary currently has 4 locations in Phuket.

Q: Can I choose which location I visit? 
A: The location you visit will largely be determined by which program you choose (e.g. Half Day/Done Day Walk), the number of visitors on the date of your visit, and where your place of accommodation is located. However, if you wish to visit a specific Elephant Jungle Sanctuary location (for example, if you have visited that location previously, or it has been recommended by a friend), please inform us in advance, and we will endeavor to accommodate your request. 

Q: Are the activities the same at every location? 
A: Yes, The itinerary and activities for each program remain the same at each location in Phuket. 

Q: What fitness level is needed to visit Elephant Jungle Sanctuary? Can I visit if I have mobility issues? 
A: All fitness levels are welcomed at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary, however some of locations require moderate hiking ability. If you have mobility issues, please inform us of this prior to your visit, and we will ensure that you visit location suites to your needs. You will never be forced to do anything you feel uncomfortable doing. Please note that unfortunately, none of locations are currently wheelchair accessible. 

Q: Is a visit to Elephant Jungle Sanctuary suitable for children/infants? 
A: Yes. All ages are welcome at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. Please note that, to ensure the safety of young children and infants, close parental supervision is essential during any interaction with elephant. 

Q: What kind of food will be served?
A: You will be provided with buffet-style traditional Thai food, including vegetarian options. All dietary restrictions can be accommodated, provided they are informed of them prior to your visit, and other beverages are available for purchase. 

Q: Is it safe to touching and playing with elephants?
A: Normally, you should avoid getting close to wild elephants. However, all elephants at the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary were born from the zoo or tourist attraction which make them familiar with people. But be aware that getting close to elephant for a long time can make them feel nervous and tried. Staff at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary will always be aware and ensure that both elephants and visitors can enjoy together happily.


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