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สวนสนุกในธีมไลน์แห่งแรกของโลก พร้อมมอบความสนุกนอกจอสมาร์ทโฟน แล้วร่วมผจญภัยกับหมีบราวน์ กระต่ายโคนี่ และผองเพื่อนที่ไลน์วิลเลจกันเถอะ หมู่บ้านแห่งนี้มีถึง 24 โซนผจญภัยให้ทุกคนได้ร่วมสนุกกับจุดถ่ายรูปและของเล่นต่างๆ



ทุกวัน 10:00-22:00 น. (ประตูปิด 21:00 น.)



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LINE VILLAGE BANGKOK – The Digital Adventure consists of 24 ZONES of ATTRACTIONS and INTERACTIVE GAMES. Introduce some of high lights to you as follow:

  • Entrance Tunnel: Begin your journey with the landmark for social media Check-in spot. Let’s tell the World you are here.
  • Mystique library: Great fun starts here in Brown’s favorite room. He loves to read where you must find the secret key to enter the world of LINE FRIENDS.
  • Secret Step: The mysterious stairs fulfilled with our little friends’ paintings who will keep you busy along the walls
  • Intro Theatre: Continue the challenge in the Adorable dark room ever. Greeting to you by LINE FRINEDS. Find out where is the right entrance to the next
  • Dazzle Corridor: Surprise with the dazzling tunnel with infinity light Circle before reaching to Brown’s Room
  • Brown’s room: Welcome to Brown’s room where you can get close and personal with Brown. Get to know more about him and taking selfie is a must.
  • THE GARDEN: Come play with JESSICA in the Garden and and visit LEONARD’s ICE CREAM
  • CONY’s Kitchen: Cony is waiting for your help to cook and bake cookies on screens. Challenge yourself with each level along the way in the baking process.
  • MOON’s ROOFTOP: Explore MONN’s private space with his astronomy collection.
  • FESTIVAL SQUARE: The beautiful & colorful plaza where you will enjoy many activities and games here. Do not forget to try selfie VDO kiosks and share with your friends on Social.
  • BEAT BROWN: Let’s get some upbeat here...move & groove with DJ Brown
  • JAMES’ Secret House: Invited into the secret of most charming JAMES
  • DREAM Jelly & Dream Camera, the new technology of 180 degrees photo shooting and more for your own styles and postures.
  • JUNGLE BROWN: Enter into the deep jungle zone with Jungle BROWN and his little cute friend, SALLY.
  • SALLY’s NEST: OMG, visit a super adorable SALLY and her nest.
  • BOSS’s Office: Let’s sneak into BOSS’ room and spy his secrecy to discover why he is what he is.
  • CHOCO’s Arcade: First time for Thai fans to meet & greet with CHOCO’s personal world
  • CHOCO’s House: Choco’s personal super chic & fashionable room
  • THE INFINITY: Experience the infinite BROWN surround you.
  • THE FINALE: Last but not least, the parade of LINE FRIENDS come to send you off and wish you home safely. Hope to see you again.

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